Thursday, December 1, 2005

It's Time for some New Clothes

I went on a little spree today and ordered some new work clothes.
This 3 pc purple suit looks so cute. I hope it looks half as good on me.

I ordered these shoes in the black/ivory tweed. I wear a lot of black and these should nicely perk up a black skirt/black tights ensemble.

I liked the simple lines of this sweater set and ordered it in black.

I just hope everything fits. I prefer to try on clothes prior to purchase, but in my small town there aren't a lot of places to shop. If you don't want to see everyone wearing the same thing you have, you are forced to shop catalogs or online.


  1. Do you think you look good in black or is it just considered professional? I know I don't look good in black. It drains the color right out of my face and makes me look funereal. From what clues your profile picture gives I think the purple suit would look good on you.

  2. Cute choices! I really need to try things on most of the time. One company's Medium is another company's Large.
    Most of my tops are solid color. They tend to go with more. I have these nice slacks with a slight bell bottom because they balance out my shortness and big chest and can found at Walmart (White Stag).
    Wow-look at those heels! I like a little height myself, but more of a square heel.
    Check out this link for discount codes:

  3. I'm sure you will look stunning in all of your new clothes. Like Kathy, I personally find black very draining, but find navy blue a much softer alternative.

  4. Oh, gosh, Kathy, I always thought black looked good on you have me wondering....I don't usually wear black from head to toe...often there is a bright top (red is a favorite)on the upper half.

    Yes, Dianne, those babies have a bit of a heel (3", I believe). These are for sure sit-behind-the desk shoes. LOL

    Alice, Navy is my second staple color.

  5. I think if black didn't look good on you, you would already know. Don't you think people let you know by their enthusiasm when you look good in a color? It's just that so many people say black looks good on everyone, that it's a classic or basic color, and I just don't buy it.


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