Friday, December 16, 2005

Seasons of a Garden





  1. Love the seasonal shots of the Autumn Joy garden. You could definitely use the barn photo as a Christmas card if you'd like.
    It's really snowy there!
    Our snow is pretty much gone as it rained last night.

  2. zoey, lovely pictures but i will still like summer the best.

  3. 'Autumn Joy' standing in rows just waiting to be picked and eaten, just like an ice-cream!

    These winter scenes have so much more meaning for me now because someone I 'know' lives there. When it's between 35-40C degrees (90-100F) here I will remember these photos and acknowledge that, although it looks beautiful, it must be the absolute pits to live in, and the heat is not so bad after all.

  4. Dianne, I thought of using that for a card, too.
    Alice, when it's a 100 degrees here, all we do is complain...when we get cold, snowy below zero days, we complain again...LOL...I am not sure which is worse!

  5. Alice, I forgot to say that ice cream cones are a perfect description. I like that.

  6. Wow - AJ really DOES provide winter interest.


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