Monday, December 19, 2005

I hope I never see another Cookie

This cookie exchange has given me a headache (literally).

I have decided that I do not like the almond raspberry stars (pretty as they look, they just don't taste that good). Yes, those would be the 9 dozen I spent 4 hours making Saturday morning. The expensive ones with the pound of real butter and the full $5 can of almond paste and the premium seedless raspberry jam. Since I did not yet sandwich them all, I can save them. My husband seems to like them just plain so I will freeze them for later in the year. I think I could also use them ground up for a cookie crust, too. In any event, they are not going on my cookie trays.

I came home from work tonight and made two other kinds - much easier chocolate peanut butter chip drop cookies and some chocolate bar things. The drop cookies seem to have spread too much.

I have always been pretty decent at baking, but just when I want something to turn out especially good, nothing seems to be going right.

I don't know if the current batches taste good or not because I just cannot bring myself to eat any. I am so disappointed in the outcome of this baking spree.

Hope your holiday baking is more fulfilling.

I am off to find two aspirins.


  1. When you're tired and have a headache, just about anything can seem dismal, but remember: these are just cookies. It doesn't even sound like you burned them, so they will even still taste good. I am glad you have the strength and energy to bake them and could afford the ingredients as well. Things will look better in the morning, or whenever your fellow exchangers take a bite and say, "Oh, I'm so glad you made these!"

    Hope you sleep well tonight, Zoey.

  2. Dear Pooped out cookie pal,
    The 'problem' with the almond/raspberry cookies is that they may need to 'season' a bit. Sometimes cookies taste better the next week. I just made Russian Tea cakes tonight and they always taste better with a drier texture a week later. I didn't have trouble with the chocolate chips spreading this year. I had bought a new cookie recipe magazine and they said to make sure your pans were completely cooled after using before you added the dough. I made sure they were and they didn't run for once! ; )
    Off to bed before 12. That's darn early for me!

  3. Kathy, that is certainly the optimistic way of looking at the situation. Thank you. I did sleep well.
    Dianne, I usually put the whole cookie sheet in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes on any cookie made with butter and that does prevent the spreading. I skipped that step since I was in such a hurry and the refrigerator didn't have any room for the cookie sheets. Why I did not just pop the bowl of dough in there between batches, I don't know. Oh well, they probably taste fine -- they are just a tad thin...I will call them "cookies for dieters" as all the calories seem to have spread right out. LOL

  4. I know the feeling well about trying so hard to make something nice then it doesn't work. Never mind, I bet they still taste fantastic. Want me to visit and taste test? Have a good day - I hope the headache is gone.

  5. What a great idea for a new recipe book - food that has had the calories cooked right out it. Now that's one book that I would use every day.

    Sorry you are disappointed with your cooking efforts. Perhaps you are expecting too much of yourself, which I think we all do far too often.

  6. Zoey I suck at making cookies of any kind even the ones you buy and just have to slice. So power to you for doing all those cookies.


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