Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thank you, Jean & Breck's Order 7/1/2008

Ms. Greenthumb, Jean, grows the most beautiful foxgloves. I commented as such on one of her posts and she generously offered to send me some of her seed, which I gladly accepted.

The seeds arrived yesterday. Let me tell you those poor seeds must have had a bumpy journey from New York to Michigan! Just look at the envelope. The postal service put it inside one of their apology envelopes and it continued on its way to northern Michigan.

Luckily Jean had double enveloped the seeds and the envelope inside was just fine. Jean was more than generous, sending many thousands of seeds. Thank you, Jean. I have already scattered the seeds through three different gardens in hopes of finding one that they find hospitable. Maybe with Jean's "magic" seeds I will finally be able to grow a foxglove.

Thanks to the skillful sleuthing of Dianne, who promptly found a 'buy $50, get $25 free' coupon from Breck's, I ordered all of the items in the previous post, plus this Oriental poppy collection. Since I am (hopefully) getting rid of all my invasive ones, I will have room for these nicer varieties. I am posting all of the below info for my own records. I have found the quickest way to find out what I planted a previous year is to search my blog.

2 Lauren's Lilac - Introduced in 2000, this poppy exhibits a beautiful soft shade of mauve lilac.
2 Royal Wedding - Large, silky shimmering white petals surround black centers making a bold statement.
2 Queen Alexander Poppy - The most beautiful of all pink poppies with extra-bright salmon-pink single blooms held aloft by wiry, pubescent stems.
2 Prince of Orange Poppy - Huge blooms the color of tangerines surrounded by light green foliage. Wonderful satiny texture and long-lasting garden flair.
2 Brilliant Poppy - Wildfire red blooms with prominent black markings that will make you sigh with admiration.

Plus 2 Turkenlouis Poppy Free! - Spectacular fully double flowers are brightly colored with velvety fringed and frilly petals of scarlet red.
#1 field grown plants.


  1. I'm glad the seeds arrived safely. Can't help but wonder what happened to them. All those poppies will be beautiful.

  2. How great to get such a good coupon. I saw Jean's foxgloves on her site and they were lovely.
    She's such a sweetheart.

  3. That was very sweet of jean to seed those seeds. I hope that they grow everywhere that you sprinkled them.

  4. Yes, that was very sweet of her! Jean is such a nice lady.


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