Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wild Garden and Callas Galore

About two years ago, I started throwing shovelfulls of plants over the small rockwall garden into the wooded area. I just slung them over. I didn't dig holes and carefully plant anything...just threw it over the wall. I figured a few things would take hold and would provide a bit of color instead of all the weeds that were back there.

I was right.

Just look how colorful this area is today.

As you walk through the arbor, you see billowing masses of white ground cover.

Guess what that is? The dreaded 'coral carpet' sedum that I am trying to remove from all the other gardens! You can see why I fell in love with it way back in the beginning. It's like falling for the pretty boy in high school. After a while you discover he's all about, me, me, me...and you can't wait to dump him for someone a little less pretty, but more sociable.

There are plants growing all the way down the path to the compost pile.

It's pretty dark down that path and I am just amazed that flowers bloom in those conditions!

I often walk thru this wooded area to cut flowers for inside bouquets. That way I don't have to cut from the main gardens.

How about something a little less wild? Just look at the callas!

I wish I had some other colors. Are there red callas? I will have to remember to get some different colors for next year.

update: I went searching for red callas. I found this one called Anneke. It's more purple, but I like it.
They also had this pretty mixture, but I don't need any more yellow.


  1. Only you can get blooms like that from haphazardly 'planting' stuff.! It sure looks pretty!

  2. That space looks better than my garden! Love the "red" callas! Jean

  3. That's it...next year I'm just dumping a whole bunch of plants on my flowerbeds and see what comes up! lol Plants are truly amazing, aren't they...even in the worst conditions, they can still thrive! It looks beautiful, Zoey!! As for your Calla Lilies...gorgeous!! xox

  4. I love the callas and you have so many. Don't you have to take them in every winter? I bought some one time and it said they were not hardy. I tried to over winter them and it didn't work. How do you handle it?

  5. Pretty calla lilies in all the different colors.
    The only calla lilies I have are volunteer black/purple ones, which have appeared for years in my back yard.


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