Thursday, July 10, 2008

Red Carpet Lilies

I am not exactly thrilled with the red carpet lilies that I bought from Breck's. They are supposed to multiply quickly. This is the pic from the catalog:

Here's what they really look like.

I can't see that the front lilies multiplied at all. In fact, they are much smaller than they were the first year. I would just love to have a thick border of them in front of the Sedum Autumn Joy. The area to the left of the center Lily has a plant, but something ate it so it looks like a large gap there.

This is a red carpet lily that I just planted last year. It's nice. I counted 13 buds on this one.

Unfortunately the ones I planted two years ago are way smaller. They have more like 5 buds.
I bought more of them last year because I wanted to place them around the path so the ones in front did not look so out of place.

I like this view. You can't really see either of these views unless you click to enlarge. I wish Blogger would post bigger pictures.

I don't know if I should dig them all up from the front and plant them in one big cluster, or wait another year to see if they multiply.

Dianne, didn't you plant some of these a couple of years ago? If so, did you have any luck with them?

I am leaning toward digging these out and planting one big cluster. I doubt that they will ever multiply to fill in the area in photo #1.

What do you all think?


  1. I would cluster. My neighbor has them clustered and has tred them scattered but she returned to clustered and they are beautiful.

    Btw, Tomorrow I will be posting pictures of a flower that bloomed in my garden today. It was from some seeds that I scattered in the ground during the spring and I can't figure out what they are called. I thought that once they bloomed that I would remember but no luck.

    If you can help that would be great.

  2. No, it wasn't me Zoey! I love yours, so colorful. I did get a bunch of lilies from an eBay seller a few years back, maybe that is what you are recalling.
    They would look pretty clustered. I don't see Asiatic lilies (that's what these basically are-correct) as spreaders like the other lilies are. They may be competing with the sedum too.

  3. I love the red lilies. I have orange tiger lilies and a pink variety that does not grow tall enough for my liking.

  4. Hadias, I see you remembered what they were. They are very pretty.

    Dianne, Sorry I guess I confused you with someone else. Yes, they are short Asiatics.

    Betty, My tiger lilies are blooming now, too. I have zillions of them, but that's another one that I have had to dig out because I just had too many. I still have them in many of the gardens.


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