Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who 'Ya 'Gonna Call...........

Wasp Buster!

While watering my hanging baskets, I noticed a wasp flying in and out of this birdhouse. Luckily it has no bottom.

When turned over, this is what we found:
Yes, I ignored all danger and got within inches to take this photo. Few things are too dangerous to share with my dedicated readers. :)

I also found my first rodent to pose for a photo op.
He's kinda cute for a pesky little rodent.

Look at this weed.
It's beautiful.
I would buy this if I saw it in a Breck's catalog. And it's just a weed! I left it because I couldn't bear to dig it out. Does anyone know what it is?
I had a good day at work today. It was that kind of busy where you look up and the day is over and everything went just as it should. On days like that I think I want to work forever.
There was one sad moment. I was on the phone long distance to a lady who was booking a festive 50th anniversary for her parents. When I got off the phone I started getting everything ready to fax to her: contracts (food and rooms) as well as menus, banquet brochures, etc.
Before I could finish, a group of people were at the desk and wanted to see me.
It was an elderly father and his two daughters. They were there to book a memorial luncheon for their mother. The luncheon was large--the exact same number as the 50th wedding anniversary.
I was saddened for a moment as I realized that within 30 minutes I was working with one daughter who was rejoicing in the planning of her parents 50th while two other daughters now sat before me deeply bereaved to have lost their mother.
As they left I shook the father's hand and expressed my condolences. It was all I could do to hold back the tears.
I find it so unfortunate that a family's loss helps our bottom line.


  1. Brave lady..I would not have come that close to a wasp nest! The pic looks great though..they do such fancy work when they build their nest.
    The weed looks beautiful..don't know what it is.
    Your emotions were on an up and down roller coaster at work, you cared and the family appreciated that.

  2. The pretty weed looks like some kind of wild hosta with it's wide leaves and how the flower comes out.
    Yikes...I usually go running when I encounter a wasp nest. The chipmunk is cute!
    How about the coincidence at work-gee, that was so sad too.

  3. Betty, Isn't it amazing how they can build nests like that?!

    Dianne, Talk aboue coincience--I just got back from commenting on your blog!

  4. By joe, it looks like you have a Ribwort Plantain-a weed from the UK (mostly)

  5. Gee, that's why it may be called 'English Plantain'. : )

  6. Looks like you are correct, Dianne. I just went and checked out a few pictures and it looks just like my litte beauty. I probably better dig it out before all those little seeds drop!

    Thanks for takig the time to find it for me.

  7. It took only a few minutes. I searched for 'wild hosta' and someone else must have had the same weed. One of the replies was Ribwort Plantain. I hate the low lying ones we get. I can never get rid of them, and I have tried.

  8. Every year we have wasp's nests under our deck. I usually just leave them alone since they don't bother us. The nest will eventually disintegrate during the winter. However, that guy was just a wee bit too close for comfort so it was good you chased him off.

  9. Hi Giddy,
    My BIL has the same problem with wasp nests under his deck. Every year he has a Labor day deck party and the wasps almost ruin it for everyone. He just can't seem to get rid of them.

    We don't seem to have that problem under our deck. I think it's because we have lined all the lattice with landscape fabric and it's very dark under the deck.

    We do get them making nests all around the roofline of the house. DH checks weekly and removes them all just as they start. That's why I've named him Waspbuster. :)

  10. Great picture of the wasp!

    That is interesting about that weed, Chloe was just busy picking those at my mom's. They are very common in Central PA, we used to call them 'mouse tails' when i was growing up. Get rid of it before it colonizes your whole garden!


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