Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tango with a Toad

A few images of the side garden:

Lily among the daisies

Mallow and daisies. I will be getting rid of this mallow in the fall. I am planning to redo this area completely. I have already been removing plants from the other side.
Here is the same area last month. What a difference! These poppies are going, too.

Drumstick Allium - I am quite fond of this allium. I have it in few other places, but it really seems to like this spot and multiplies nicely.

Long view of the areas above. Up front to the left is that big clump of mallow and the area I am redoing. I planted some Sunflower seeds from Dianne against the lattice, but it does not look like I am going to be successful with them.

What do you think this big bud looked like when it opened?

Ta da! It's a Tango lily (Cappuccino). I love these large flowers with the bold purple/black speckles. They are in the Arbor Garden.

And here's the promised toad. He's a big guy. I am standing on the deck looking down into the side garden. I did a doube take when I spotted him.


  1. Boy, Mr. Toad is a big one but they do a great job in the garden. All you flowers look wonderful.

  2. By the size of him, I'd say he's cleaned up quite a few of your bugs already!!

  3. I hate to tell you this, but you will NEVER be rid of that mallow. I had just a small clump once about 5 years ago, and I am still pulling out seedlings. Whatever you plan to put there, be ready to embrace at least a bit of the mallow left over, or it will drive you insane. Good luck!

  4. Your flowers look gorgeous. I can see why you like the alliums. Sorry the sunflower seeds didn't take off. The deer ate mine this year.
    It looks like a pancake toad.

  5. That toad is huge!

    Love the poppies~ I have never had much luck with them. Just the thought makes me smile.

  6. You are a true gardener Zoey..always moving plants!
    I love your garden..even the mallow!!
    The toad is humungous! He must be getting enough to eat, that's for sure!

  7. Whoa, that's a big old toad. I love your Cappuccino lily. I've been eyeing that one for a while. Maybe someday I'll get around to having it in my garden too. For now, I'll enjoy yours.

  8. Oh gorgeous photos - I love everything...even the plants you're going to move! :)

  9. I love the lily, I had no idea that was what the bud would turn out to be! I had a big fat frog singing to high heaven the other night next to my pool. He didn't seem to mind me, my daughter and her friend getting up close and personal and watching him inflate his throat. The kids loved it, and so did I!

  10. Hi Suzy and Jane Marie, I wish he would eat a few more mosquitos!

    lori, you are so right. It's already driving me insane. I constantly pull it out.

    HI Kate, BIG and ugly! LOL.

    Di, I think the birds ate the seed! I am pretty sure some of the zinnias are coming up in some of the deck containers. I will have to wait for the blooms to be sure.

    Sandi, they are cheerful, but they last such a short time and make such a mess in that area that I am getting rid of them.

    Betty, I think I live simply to move plants. LOL.

    Hi Karen, I think the Cappuchino is the prettiest of all the Tangoes. If you get them, I think you will enjoy them.

    PP Quilter. Thank you. I think the mallow is pretty, too, but it's not very sociable. It likes to monopolize the bed!

    Hi Swamprad, this old guy didn't make a sound, but he was neat to look at. I keep going out to look for him, but have not seen him since I took the pic.

  11. I salivate at the sight of your gardens. We seem to have similar taste in flower choices. Although it's hard not to have some flowers in common with you since you have such a beautiful variety.

    Your Shasta Daisies are beautiful.


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