Sunday, July 6, 2008

Side Garden on July 6, 2008

My Shasta daisies have just started blooming in this side garden. Last year at a garage sale, I bought what I believe to be 'Golden Marguerite" (yellow flower) and it's blooming at the same time.
With the lychnis coronaria (rose campion) and the Sweet William in the same magenta color, I am liking this area. I have spent a lot of effort during the past year to rid the space of the pink mallow and purple asters that were overtaking everything so I am very happy that I like what's left.

This unkown allium is blooming in the Arbor Garden. I only have one of these. I would never buy only one of any bulb so I have no idea what this one is. Does anybody know? It's more pink than the other alliums I have. I wonder if one of my pink drumstick allium were playing hanky panky with my Persian Blues and this is an offspring?


  1. Lovely garden, Zoey! I color combination is terrific.

  2. This looks great! My Shasta daisies have only started to bloom too, but my Sweet William had bloomed many weeks ago. Funny how some things are on the same schedule while others aren't.
    I remember you bought allium for Brecks, you inspired me to buy some, but mine were more purplish-blue.

  3. Even if there was some hanky panky going on innyour garden, they seem to have produced something wonderful. Love that pink shade.

  4. Your side garden is looking lovely. I think that removing the mallow and asters was worth the effort. What's left is wonderful.

  5. Oh how I would like a walk in your've done a good job Zoey!
    Hanky panky flowers?? tsk tsk

  6. Love all the colors in the side garden! Beautiful! I didn't have much luck with my allium this year. Whatever that one is it sure is pretty!

  7. I giggled at your "hanky panky" flowers. It's so pretty whatever it is!


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