Monday, July 21, 2008

Bow Tie Required

When I changed my sheets yesterday, I also changed the bed quilt to a more summery one. This one is called, 'Bow Tie Required' because, in the quilting world, those blue things are known as the "bow tie" pattern.

I can't remember when I made this one, but I think it must have been in the 1990's. I am sure I have it recorded some place, but I can't remember where. I also folded four quilts and stuck them under the bed, two more were folded and stored on the closet shelf. I have another 3 or so in plastic bins in the basement, one ready for a binding, and another one ready to sandwich for qulting.

I never get bored with my bedspread because I have so many that I can change them out every month and not repeat for a full year!


  1. Your new bed looks lovely all dressed up for summer. I just bought a quilt-stop shaking your head 'no'! It was dirt cheap and remember I said I wanted to start small. I left my sewing machine out from a small project, so maybe I can start that small one soon.

  2. You are so crafty from gardening to quilting and tablescaping. You appear to be living a full and rewarding life. You are an inspiration to many woman. I hope that by reading your blog that women are encouraged to start a hobby that is both usefuland rewarding.

    Also, What has been your experience with Proven Winner/Proven Selection Plants? I have purchased PW and a regular brand of the same plant and the PW is outperforming it by miles.

    I think that I may be hooked. The growth rate, color and health of the Proven Winner brand has phenomenal. Have you ever purchased this brand before. Have you had the same experince? Just curious.

    Are you brand loyal? Is there a particular brand that you buy?


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