Friday, July 11, 2008

Rose Campion (Lychnis Coronaria)

Yesterday I got an email asking about rose campion.

I have a question...I bought my Rose Campion 3 months ago and it has not done nothing. When does it start to bloom?....Thanks DRF

Since I had planned to post about it today, I decided to answer the question right here.

DRF, rose campion is a biennial so it may not bloom this year at all. Actually there is some debate as to whether it's a biennial or a perennial, but in my garden it behaves as biennial. The first year it stays small, just a clump of silver leaves. The second year it grows tall and flowers. Good luck -- don't give up hope!

Sylvana left a comment on an old post, too.
I was trying to find a source to buy seeds for this variety, as it is my favorite flower -- and I found this post during the Google search!! It was probably the 5th down too. Seems like you are the place to go for info on Rudbeckia Hirta "Autumn Colors"!
Hmmm, well mine died the first year and never reseeded. I hope the searchers are able to find a more successful source for their info! LOL. I've been blogging for so many years now, that I come up on the first page of lots of Google searches. It's still kind of a neat to see my own blog show up--especially when it's the first one. I hope you found some seeds!

Time to get ready for work. After work today my new mattress and stove will be delivered. I didn't get my quilt finished. In fact I have not even started to sew the binding on. Maybe this weekend. After I go out and remove all the dead areas where I sprayed the Roundup two weeks ago (like the two big spots in the picture above).


  1. I love it that you share your garden with us! You have a 'wealth' of gardening info.
    And quilting, etc, etc...a multi-talented gal!

  2. I don't know about quilting this weekend-I betcha will be checking out the new stove! ; )
    Your rose campion photo is really lovely.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that color rose campion. I have some light colored but my dark ones didn't come back. Maybe next year!

  4. I don't know how often I tell myself "I wish I had Zoey here so that she could show/tell me what to do with these flowers or those, etc." lol See how much we look up to you and your knowledge of flowers?!! Your Rose Campion are beautiful, love the rose and silver together.

    I have Asiatic Lilies blooming right now and I'm amazed at how much they multiplied from last year, even after I had separated them. I'll have to space them out again this Fall. What a shame your Red Carpet Lilies aren't multiplying as they should...don't you hate it when they don't do what the catalog advertises!! Lilies can be so strange though...about 4 years ago I had planted an Easter Lily that the boys had given me and the next year it came up and bloomed again. Then, for 2 years, it never even came up. Now, this year, it's coming up and getting ready to bloom! xoxo


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