Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Love to Design Flower Bouquets with Sweet William

Early this morning I went out and cut a Folger's coffee can full of red Sweet William. The cut flowers sat in the water for about 4 hours,while I worked outside. I cut the stems very short and stuck them in floral foam and then inside this container on top of the china cabinet in the living room.

My peony bouquet was ready to dispose of so I took only the tight buds that were still in good shape and stuck them in the bouquet. I love it and it was so easy to do.

Here is the floral foam to show you that it's only a couple dozen flowers stuck into the wet foam.

The containers on the deck are really starting to grow. They are full enough that it's fun to spend a few minutes deck-or-ating. In about 15 minutes I rearranged and came up with this, which you have probably already noticed, is my new header pic.

We are under a thunderstorm warning until 7:00 p.m. tonight. They are saying that large hail is possible. I can't bear the thought of my canna leaves getting pelted to smithereens with the hail, so I have taken measures to lighten the damage.

I stuck some plants under a table and some under this big umbrella.
I worked hard in the gardens today. I think I hauled 6 full wheelbarrows to the compost pile. Now I am going to relax a bit and do some reading.

I need to find out who killed the strange man who fell on the buffet table where the chopped liver (formed as the state of Texas) should have been. As you may have guessed, it's a light, fun summer mystery.


  1. Your deck looks so cheery and bright! I know you pictured it in your head like that months ago. I hope the storm left your plants alone. At least you took precautions. : )
    I have that same slanted jug, but I have things planted in it out in one of the gardens. Sweet Williams are definitely one of my favorites (you can tell by my Flickr name).

  2. Like the new arrangement Zo, it really does look luv'ly.


    Mick in Ontario

  3. Your flowers and deck look so summery and inviting.
    Hope you have a wonderful 4th!


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