Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One of my best junk store buys

This 1950's cabinet has been one of my favorite junk-on-the-verge-of-being-an-antique purchase. If you ever watch old Andy Griffith shows, you will see a very similar cabinet in Bee's kitchen. I am always changing the display.

Since I am one of those rooster people, I really liked this county cupboard display. It went well with the table when I did the chicken settings.

Then I moved it to the living room and changed to this one -- quite a difference with all its frilly pink components.
I love to hang this old French purse filled with ladylike items over the knob.
This is an odd combination of Peach Lustre dishes and fruit shaped salt and pepper shakers, and even my old bronzed baby shoes!
Lots of green with purple accents to go with the old TV trays hanging on the wall.

When I was painting the living room, I decided to change the color of the inside of the china cabinet to white. I think I like the new white color, but I was not very creative and just put a bunch of purple items in it.

I really need to come up with a more creative display.
This old relic deserves better!


  1. Isn't it amazing how that one cabinet looks completely different with a change of colour! Love all the ways you've had it so far. You've given me an idea for the hutch I bought at the estate sale last month...I never thought of putting a red/white checkered background inside, that would look perfect with my kitchen decor!! xoxo

  2. Great old cabinet and so versitile! Definately a great buy! Jean

  3. You had some lovely combos of your collectibles displayed in your nice piece. It looks 'freshened up' with the white paint. Maybe you need a little contrast with the amethyst glass to make it pop. You'll think of something. : )

  4. Thanks, Kate.

    Pea, I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

    Jean, Yes, it was.

    Di, Thank you. It does look fresh............and boring........LOL. I will change it soon.


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