Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Plant is Towering Over Me, Boy, Do I Need a New Lampshade, and Let's do Lunch

This plant sure has taken off. The dahlia is over 5 feet tall now.

I still have one pupae on the stick.

Early last month one of them emerged while I was at work. Its split pupal shell was all that remained. This one must be dead. I will let him hang out here through the summer, but it doesn't seem likely that anything is going to happen at this late date.

This lampshade used to have a black sheer fabric covering. I stuck in on this lamp when I rearranged the living room two months ago. I intended to buy a new one, but I keep forgetting to measure it and go out looking for a new one.

It's so disgusting. Look at the bits of black still adhered to it.

I think I may attempt to recover it in some type of fabric. I have never recovered a shade before. It would be a fun new project. It would certainly be more interesting than a plain old cheap shade.

I am excited to have a new project waiting for me this weekend.

If it flops, so what? I was planning to buy a new one anyway.

Anybody want to join me for lunch? I have heard of novel restaurant ideas, but this one is just too much.


  1. Let's do lunch...but not at that place. It sure puts your mind in the wrong place!
    I can't believe how big your dahlia is! So what if we aren't that much over 5 feet-good things come in small packages. : )
    Good luck with your lampshade project. I got tired of the shades I had from the late 80s or early 90s, so I just bought more modern halo ones.

  2. LOL well it IS a very unusual restaurant, isn't it! lol I don't know if I'd want others to see me sitting on the toilet eating out of a toilet bowl! hehe Too funny.

    I transplanted my Dahlia to the faerie garden and the darn thing has become huge, I had to trim it down a bit. I still don't have any flowers on it but the buds are starting to form now.

    You and me both, working on a new lamp shade! I bought a cute little lamp at the auction last night but not crazy about the shade so trying to think what I want on it. Maybe you'll give me ideas as you always do:-) xoxo

  3. Hey, Dianne, I just got measured at the Dr.'s office and I was 5'2". I have never been that tall--usually around 5'1". I thought I was supposed to get shorter when I aged, but I guess I got taller! LOL.

    Pea, you are working on a shade, too? Did you post about it? I need to search my fabric stash to see what I have to work with. I will post a pic when it's done.

  4. Lunch would be so fun but please anywhere but there!!


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