Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Few Different Canna Leaves

Tropicanna 'Black' is almost ready to present its first bold, bodacious, beautiful red flower.
'Black' is the tallest of the three Tropicannas.

I love how sculptural this bud looks with the huge black leaves.

Here's another Tropicanna - Tropicanna 'Gold' - which looks totally different. So far this one does not have a bud. That's just another leaf coming out in the center.

Here is the original 'Tropicanna' with its pretty striped leaf. No bloom on this one yet either.

This beauty is 'Picasso'. I love the bold stripes in this leaf. That's a bud almost ready to burst forth with its orange/yellow splotched flower. With 'Picasso' you never know just what the flower will look like as the splotches are always a bit different. I am discovering that any flower named for an artist is a flower I will love. They seem to be different and more artistic, like their namesakes.

This leaf is Canna 'Wyoming'. I just bought it this year. The leaf is not all that impressive. I hope the flower is more interesting.

Here is a much tinier bud. It's special because I believe it will be my first bloom from the zinnia seeds that Dianne, from Dianne Rambling On, sent to me. Does it look like one of your purple ones, Dianne?

Something is dining on this hosta in a container on the deck.

I can't find any bugs, so they must be nocturnal.

On my stroll through the Woodland area last night, I admired the tenaciousness of these little hens and chicks.

Through snow, thunderstorms, even hail, they sit quietly clinging to this old piece of driftwood, never giving me any trouble at all. Every once in a while I pick a pine needle off them. Gardening doesn't get much easier than this little display.


  1. Oh your Cannas are so gorgeous and interesting. I can see why you have such a variety of them. I guess I feel the same way about Coleus.
    The zinnia sure looks purple to me Zoey! Yeah! I am sad as my zinnias aren't doing that much this year. I know you've seen photos where they are as tall as me. Not this year.
    I like hens and chicks, but they don't like my yard. I can say the same thing about lavender. I think it's the clay in the soil for the later. Not sure why the h&c don't like it here.

  2. My zinnias and asters are blooming quite nicely this year.
    I love the pic of the hens and chicks, esp on that piece of wood.

  3. What a brilliant idea to use the sedums on the driftwood. I have an old cypress stump that could be used like this. With the ongoing drought, I'm definitely looking for succulents that aren't choosy! Cannas have certainly come a long way and I can't wait to see the flowers.

  4. Dianne,
    the zinnia is not tall at all...maybe 6 inches, but that's fine. The ones in my calla container now look like something else. I guess I will just have to wait to see what they all are.

    Betty, do you the so called perennial "fall asters" or the annual ones? My fall asters are not yet blooming, so i am thinking that you must have the annuals. Isn't it amazing how some years are so good for one flower and other years they don't do squat?

    Willow, Thank you. Throw a few on your cypress stump. You never have to water them.
    I am amazed, too, at those cannas. I thoght they were not doing well, but I guess they are just fine. Once they start to grow, they grow fast.

  5. Sean and I drove the back roads of Lancaster County yesterday and they put me to shame-how neat and tidy all their flowers are-yard by yard! They do have good fertilizer up there! I saw a yard with a massive display of zinnias too-I was jealous!

  6. Yes Zoey I have the annual asters.


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