Monday, June 30, 2008

Look What One Day in the Sun Did to this Hosta

I dug him out, potted him up, and left him sitting on the deck in a sunny location overnight. I gasped when I got home from work and saw this! The poor guy was nearly scorched to death. I immediately moved him to the shade and will have to wait for some new growth.

Here's some prettier things to look at. I've been checking out the Breck's site to see what's new this year.

Look at this double-fringed tulip from Breck's. It looks like a begonia.

It's interesting. I love the color.
It's about $2 per bulb.

I like this tulip, too. The fact is I've rarely met a tulip I didn't like! This one is called Hotpants. It's a more reasonable $9.99 for 8 bulbs. It opens white with a little purple stripe that grows wider as it matures.

I have a few tulip varieties that change as they mature. That's always interesting to watch.

What about this Hair Allium?
Not exactly pretty, but I find it piques my interest, too.

One of the most interesting tulips I spotted was this one:

Touted as Flashy as a flamenco dancer, this Blumex tulip is way over the top. Have you ever seen such a crazy and wild tulip? I like this one even though it does not look like a tulip. It would be worth having just for its artistic expression.

I am planning to order all of these. In fact, they are all sitting in my Breck's basket awaiting the mouse click to finalize the order. If you spend $75, you get free shipping, but that's not really good enough for me. The shipping is only about $13 dollars. I want the spend $25, get $25 off coupons like they had last year!

Has anyone seen those coupons this year?


  1. I saw that last tulip in the Breck's catalog and I didn't know what to think of it. It seems like a genetic mutation to me, like a baby born with an extra hole in its head or something. (In the case of the baby, fix it and move on. In the case of the flower -- put it out of its misery, please.) But that's just my opinion. Somebody must feel differently about this flower, or we wouldn't be seeing it in a catalog.

  2. I like the purple striped tulip. I guess I'm more into the traditional. Your raspberry salad looks delicious!

  3. Wow-those are some unusual blooms. I like different ones myself. Did you did a search for Breck's coupons?

  4. Here's one for $25 off purchase of $50:

  5. Karen, I think it is some kind of mutation. I just bought it, so I guess there are some of us who like it. LOL.

    Jean, I like those purple ones, too.

    Dianne, THANK YOU! I didn't see that coupon two days ago. They must have just put it on there. I used it this morning and ordered all of them.

  6. Glad I saw that. Google seems to be the charm here!

  7. I like these wild tulips and the allium. I see your quote about scraps and quilting, and thought you might get a kick out of the title of my book "Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts" by the Word Quilters (6 women co-authored it). It has its own website and is listed on Amazon today.

  8. Lol* I hope you don't mind me commenting on older posts...I had to read back a bit through your blog before heading off to bed.

    I planted my Hostas in full sun. Ok. I did mention in a previous comment that I'm not a bonafied gardener, didn't I? I really have no idea what I'm doing. Lol* I wondered why they looked a bit yellowy and dried up on the leaves. Hostas like shade you say? Lol* Whoops. :) Maybe I should stick to quilting.

  9. i don't know if you're still looking for them, but the blumex tulip is on sale for $4 a bag of 8 this week at they also have a 50% off coupon ed1052a that worked for me on sunday. they are amazing looking, aren't they? i can't wait to plant them ;)


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