Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Bought a New Stove so We Had to Go out for Dinner

You would think if you had a brand spanking new state of the art stove, you would be able to cook a pretty good meal right a home, wouldn't you?

Well, once the delivery guys got everything set up yesterday, I looked at DH and said, "Where do you want to go out to eat? I haven't the vaguest idea how to operate this thing!" LOL.

We went to Applebee's. We only go there about once a year because I have never had a meal at Applebee's that I've liked--until last night. Oh my, I loved my meal! Every bite was super delish. I just had Caesar salad, some kind of lime chicken, and a key lime dessert cup. Prior to dinner, I had an apple martini to celebrate the new stove (and mattress)..........I wonder if that martini twisted my taste buds or something.....anyway, I can't wait to go back there!

I was outside at 6:30 a.m. this morning moving the Red Carpet Lilies. I clustered them in this area of the path. I also brought in a couple of yellow daylilies, of which I have just forgotten the name. You all know them, they are the ones that rebloom and are quite popular.

Up front there are some taller red/orange Asiatics that are almost the same color, so they lead the eye to these reds at a lower level.
I already had a little cluster of them on the opposite side of the path, so now I think everything ties in nicely and I am very happy to have done the little bit of extra work this morning.
After finishing the lilies, I moved to the other side of the Arbor Gardens and started digging out plants so that we could put in a path. I removed about three wheelbarrow loads and then DH came out to provide some added muscle.

Last night after the delightful Applebee's outing,we stopped at Home Depot and bought 20 16-inch stone pavers. You might remember that I mentioned that I have looked for two years to get more of the round stone pavers to match the other side. They are nowhere to be found in my town, so I decided I needed to get this done now and bought square stone pavers. They weigh 34 lbs. each, so I was so happy that DH agreed to help.

He had it all put down in less than two hours.

Now that my coffee break is over, I will go back out and pretty it up a bit. It's going to rain most of the day today, so I want to get the outside work done first, then I will go inside and figure out how to use the new stove.


  1. oh I'd love to walk through your garden on your new paved stones!..oh my so pretty!
    New stove but you still got to go out..glad you enjoyed your meal! Hmm..twisted martini, maybe a new name for that drink?? hehe
    Enjoy your weekend, Zoey!

  2. You did an excellent job on your flower beds! The red is a nice pop of color! Your DH works fast! I guess since you cleared it out, that helped too. ; )
    Applebees-I didn't like it the last time I was there. I have a foodie friend who says most of their items come to them frozen. Can't be so for a martini though. I came to the conclusion that whatever restaurant you frequent, if the chef and assistants are bad, the food isn't going to be good. Maybe your local Applebees got a new chef?
    Have fun figuring out your stove. I remember I was the same way. If and when you use the self clean feature, don't forget to take out the racks. I did on the top and they are a bit discolored now.

  3. Betty, I think you're on to something---"Twisted Tastebuds" now that could be a good name for a bar special!

    Dianne, Thanks. I thought he worked pretty fast today, too. I also heard that everything at A's comes pre packaged and they just heat it up........
    Thanks for the tip on the racks in the stove. I probably would not have even thought to do that as I always left them in my last stove.
    I just boiled potatoes for a salad and am now carmelizing onions for tonight's meal. So far, so good. I just HATE to relearn things like cooking on a stove!

  4. About the racks, they discolor a bit but hey who cares..sure beats cleaning the racks manually!
    Just my take on it..hehe

  5. Hi Zoey,
    I had to relearn everything on our new stove too, but now I love it. I am still taking the oven racks out for the self clean, but my daughter leaves hers in. I don't see a huge difference..
    Applebees here isn't the best, but the Appletini certainly couldn't hurt!

  6. Happy Returns. Great daylily. I love that soft yellow.

  7. The lilies stand out so much more now. The path looks great and I think the daylilies are 'stella d'oro'.

    Everything looks beautiful.

    BTW, have you ever divided and transplanted cosmos? I did and they are still looking limp after 4days. I am hoping that they perk up. They were so pretty that I wanted to move them to the front of the house and now they look like 5 feet tall limp weeds.

    Please share any experience you have with cosmos.

  8. Zoey~
    Your flower beds look great and Hubby did a good job with the stones!
    I hadn't been to your profile page in a long time(my favorites take me directly to your latest post)and I see you've been busy with new blogs for all your hobbies!

  9. We could also use more of the round stepping stones with pebbles embedded...but have had no luck finding them here either, Zoey. Your path looks really good - maybe you'll be glad you had to switch!

    It's cool to know you also have to be introduced to new appliances. Last week it was a surprise to realize that our new vacuum cleaner will take practice to make it work right.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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