Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Almost Fell Over When I Read This

When I got home from work today my latest issue of Backyard Living was sitting on my computer chair. DH puts all my mail there because he knows that is the first place I go to when I come home.
I had to look twice when I saw this article on sedums:

Those tiny white flowers looked hauntingly familiar.

I quickly scanned the print to see if it really could be what I thought it was....
I nearly screamed out was indeed 'coral carpet'!
Backyard Living needs to send a reporter over to my garden to photograph me all red-faced and nearly falling over from exhaustion as I dig this stuff out in my now two-year attempt to eradicate it from my garden.

Sensational ground cover- I guess that is true --as long as you want ALL THE GROUND YOU HAVE to be covered.

At least this article makes me feel a bit better about being seduced by this plant. I pity the author of this article when the lynch mobs come looking for her once they find out what this plant is really like!

Well, I must get back to my pedicure. Yesterday I had my nails done and now I need to get matching toes. I do it myself to save money, but the fatter I get, the harder it is to reach those toes! :)

I use the magazines to shield the carpet from the red polish. Then I just bend over right from my computer chair and polish them. That way I can blog while I do it. I told you before that I am a master of multi-taking! :)


  1. I myself am going tomorrow for a pedicure. I love those things. I can handle the nails pretty good.
    You did a good job on those toes!

  2. Oh my, that's something about the story including your dreaded sedum. I also have a love/hate relationship with this ornamental grass I have. I like it, but once it spreads, you pull your guts out removing the babies after they are rooted!
    Nice toenails-I won't discuss mine.

  3. Oh Zoey you have me laughing..blogging and applying nail polish! Only you!! hehe I do my own manicures and pedicures only getting them done 'professionally' once or twice a year.
    The way you feel about sedum I feel about chinese lanterns..I worked on that for 2 years to eradicate them and they are gone..well almost, I still have one trying to peek out of the ground once in awhile.


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