Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rembrandt Dahlias & Flame Flower

I ordered Rembrandt dahlias from Breck's. I had never seen them before, but they sounded interesting. They are beginning to bloom. I planted one inside the same container as my Persian Shield that I save each year. It's way down in the left corner.

Here is a close up:
The tubers were "assorted", so I had no idea what color I stuck in this container until it bloomed.

How lucky could I get? The one I picked is perfect for the Persian Shield container. It's a very light purple.
I also have a darker purple blooming:

Both are nice --perhaps a little ho-hum--, but my favorite so far is this one:

Now that is what I call "artistic", worthy of the Rembrandt name. The big splotches of color remind me of my 'Picasso' canna that will be blooming soon. I think they will be great together.

This one has no splotches or stripes at all. It's just plain red, so I think it is not a Rembrandt.

That's OK, though, because I like it a lot.
All six of the Rembrandts are not yet blooming, but I already consider them a success.

Unlike the 'Flame' flower bulb I planted.

At something like $12.99 for one tiny bulb, I expected greatness from this one.

What did I get?

Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not a thing came up.

Today I dumped the container where I planted the bulb to see if it had rotted.

The bulb was nowhere to be found. It disappeared! I could find no trace of it. Strange. This container was up on the deck and no animal got into it. It just dissolved.

I will write to Breck's and they will refund the price. They are very good about doing that.

Friday night we took off for an overnight trip. On the way back we saw a "Farmer's Market" sign in a little town and stopped in hopes of picking up some fresh veggies. Unfortunately there were no veggies, but I did find some tiny herb plants for .50 each. I bought four of them.

sweet basil, lemon basil, peppermint, & parsley, If you bought some herbs, the lady had an assortment of free plants and you got to pick one. I picked an annual -- Alternanthera 'Burgundy Thread Leaf'.
Common Name: Joseph's Coat
I know nothing about it. Does it flower? Even if it does not, I like the redish foliage.


  1. Your Dahlias are so pretty. They are almost the perfect flower, aren't they? My mom's old neighbor use to grow the huge ones every year-breathtaking.
    Good luck with your herbs. I'm not sure about the other plant you got as a freebie.
    I'm glad at least one zinnia made it for you.

  2. Your dahlias are gorgeous! Every autumn, I debate on whether or not to dig up my tubers, but in the end I do and am so happy I did come August. I think I might even add to the color collection next year.

  3. Love the peachy splotchy dahlia! Beautiful! The Joseph's coat looks interesting. My book says it's a tropical and depending on the type grows 2 to 4 feet. It also has "ropes" of flowers in red, white or green. Sounds like your kind of plant!

  4. Dianne, I am really getting to like dahlias. I think I may get more than one of your zinnias to bloom. I do believe I also underplanted the yellow callas with them and I see quite a few nice green plants getting ready to bud.

    Giddy, I plant all of my dahlias in pots on the deck because I can't get them to grow well in the ground. I also don't have to dig
    them up because I stick the entire pot (soil and all) in the crawl space under the house for the winter. It's cooler there than in the basement. So far have had good luck with my method.

    Oh, my goodness, that sounds gorgeous! I couldn't find much info on it and no picture when I did a quick search this morning. Definitely my kind of plant! Two to Four feet -- Wow -- I don't think it's possible with that little tiny plant I have.

    Thanks for the info!

  5. I love the apricot colored one best!
    You picked up some 'herby treasures' I see.
    Just came back from a great week at the back to the grind!

  6. Hi Betty,
    A week at the lake sounds wonderful! Do you have a cottage in Canada?

  7. Nope just rented one. We had a great week and the weather was perfect!

  8. Oh my gosh, your favorite bloom is mine too!
    Breathtaking! Simply gorgeous!!
    Love that you share the" fruits of your... umm, flowers of your labor".


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