Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pink Lady Posing in Front of Sweet William Tower

I was inspired to make a larger tower of Sweet William bouquet for my new desk corner of the living room.

I thought maybe someone would want to know how to make these so I took step-by-step photos:
#1 First put a full piece of wet floral foam in a sink full of water while you take a bucket of water outside to cut flowers. Make sure you have the floral foam for wet bouquets. It's not the same as the foam used for dry arrangements. I buy it at Walmart or Joanne's.

#2 After the foam is saturated with water, take a knife and cut it in half (don't sweat getting it exactly in half )

#3 Stack one half of the foam on top of the other and stick a wooden skewer through the whole thing to hold it in place. Just break off the extra wooden skewer sticking out the top. I stacked mine so that the bottom would be slightly fuller than the top.
#4 Take the flowers that have soaked at least an hour and begin sticking them in. Keep the stems short.
Just keep sticking them in until all the foam is covered. It probably took about 5 minutes.
#5 Clean up the mess. Yes, you will get water all over and a bug or two may fall out of the flowers. It's best to do this outside, which I often do.
I used a cake pedestal to hold mine. It has a slight lip to hold the water. You won't need much water because the foam will remain wet for a few days. Every couple of days just put the bouquet in the sink with a few inches of water and it will absorb what it needs. This bouquet should last at least a week.

The one I made a few days ago is still looking good. I moved it to the dining room table when I removed the July 4 tablescape.


  1. How pretty! I don't use floral foam that often and wish I had the Sweet William that you do for a display like this. : )
    Thanks for the directions.

  2. Love the Sweet William bouquets! Your pink lady is wonderful too! I can't believe all the stitching in the back of your quilt! Congrats on getting it done by your goal time.

  3. Hi Dianne and Jean,
    Thank you both for the kind words.
    Di, the floral foam is indispenable for indoor bouquets. It's nice to be able to enjoy your flowers inside when it's too hot to get outside.

    Jean, I bought that pink lady at a garage sale years ago. I've really enjoyed using her in everything from this desk arrangement to the dining room table.


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