Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where is that New Path in Relation to the Rest of the Garden?

O.K. so nobody really asked me that, but I always like to know these things, s0 just in case somebody is wondering, here it is.

I can now walk across a wide grass path and continue on my afternoon stroll to see what is happening deep within the border. I like that I can now reach into the center to weed. That is so much nicer than trying to walk through dense plantings where you can't see the ground. I don't want to step on any surprises, if you know what I mean.

The new path ends in the seating area of the woodland garden.
Early this morning I sat here with a cup of coffee. After a few minutes I took the cup of coffee and walked down the new path, across to the second path which turns in two directions, so I walked it twice, and then I continued on past the table to check out the rockwall garden.

I only had time for one cup of coffee, because on my little stroll I noticed that the deer have really attacked my hostas. Some of the biggest hostas are half gone. So I mixed up a bath of Hinder and sprayed everything.

Then I spent four hours digging, hauling, and moving plants. I also sprayed the 'Coral Carpet' sedum with Roundup for the 4th time. I think the 4th spraying might be the charm. I told you that stuff is tough to kill!

Now it's just after 8:00 pm. DH and I have just come inside from another stroll through the paths. A perfect ending to a wonderful day.


  1. I love all your paths. I have some flag stones that go to the left of our front door. They add a certain charm to the area.
    I think your table and chairs looks great where you have them.
    Sorry the deer were munching on your hostas again. I haven't seen any near mine, but they are eating the sour apples out back.

  2. Your new path looks great! Did your daylillies make the transition without complaint? I hope you got the rain - we were supposed to get some much needed rain, but alas, twas not to be. Oh well, out comes the hose again.

  3. Go look at Carole's lilies-oy! She seems to have them in a place they love. : )

  4. I don't know how you keep your garden so well organized. Mine is always overcrowded amd wild! Everything looks so nice and green. Beautiful!


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