Thursday, July 3, 2008

Roses are Red, Borders are Blue

Roses are Red, Borders are Blue
I can't tell you how happy I am
To be DONE quilting you!

I had a mental goal to finish the hand quilting on this king-sized quilt before July 4.
Here it is July 3 and I am ecstatic to say that I am finished!!! Whoo feels so good.

Here is a close up of the back. Go ahead and click on it so you can see all of the thousands of hand stitches. I am not claiming that they are great stitches, but I am pleased as punch that I did all of them.
I started quilting this one in January '08 and I only worked on it now and then. Six months may sound like a long time, but when you consider that I often went weeks without doing any quilting, it's not so long. There is one little thing bothering me, though. That diamond shape near the top of this photo needs a bit more quilting. I will probably go back and quilt another diamond inside the first diamond. There is just too much unquilted space there.

Now I have to make a binding and sew it on and the quilt will be ready for my bed. I will show the front when it's all finished.

It should be done just in time to top the new mattress set I bought today. I am not even going to tell you how long I had the current set. Just believe me when I say it was a long overdue purchase!

I also bought a new stove today. My old stove is 32 years old and it refuses to die. We were only going to buy a mattress, but lucky for me, in this small town , the same man owns the major appliance store so it was all under one roof. It didn't take me, but two seconds to figure out that I had better get DH over to the stove department immediately or I would be stuck with that old GE for another 32 years. The man's favorite motto is "You don't get rid of something, just because it's old." Which, I must admit, does make me feel pretty good. :)

Early this morning after I finished scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors, I was full of energy and decided to clean the ??????? .... what do you call this thing that you walk over when you open the sliding doors? Anyway I took a bucket of bleach water and a toothbrush and in just a few minutes it was sparkling clean. Just look............

Is this not sparkling clean? I really need to get a life, don't I? Ha, ha. I can't help it, I do love clean!


  1. Wow!!! Two new things??? Awesome. I do remember that you told me or us how old the mattress was. I need to get a new one every 10 yrs or so or my back starts complaining. The one we have now is a Sealy or Serta pillow top-so you can't flip it. We turn it every so often.
    Did you get a glass top stove like I have-the Maytag Gemini maybe?
    And of course your quilting is fabulous. Maybe I'll try quilting when I'm 70. ; ) I never seem to have enough time.

  2. Hi Di,
    My back has started complaining, too. I never have a sore back, so I have been blaming that mattress. I hope the new one fixes it. It is one you don't flip, too.

    Yes, I got a flat top. I sure hope I like it! There are no knobs or anything so it should be easy cleaning. I decided against the Gemini because I doubted that I would ever use the second oven. I bought an LG. I chose that one because it had an extra large size front burner for my really huge pans, a center warming burner in the back, the largest oven, and I just loved the cobalt blue color of the inside!
    I am still waiting for you to get that quilting kit out. :)

  3. The flat top in nice, but you have to make sure your pots are level on the bottom to conduct so they heat well. There is some nice cleaner for them (will tell you). I use the little oven all the time! It doesn't take long to heat up and is nice for pizzas and to keep things warm. I did a search and saw how pretty yours is inside. I got the big burner too and really don't use it that much. I did buy an extra big pan so I'd use it more. I do have knobs, but they are on the back.
    Happy cooking!

  4. So clean! I've been meaning to scrub that same part on my shower door. What are they called anyway? The runners? Sliders?

    I can't wait to see the top of your quilt. I can't believe the amount of hand-stitching you do. I just do wide straight lines.

  5. Happy 4th of July to you and your loved ones, dear Zoey! Hope you're having a great day:-)

    Omigosh, you always leave me in awe at the quilting you do...I enlarged that picture and my jaw just dropped when I saw the gadzillion of stitches! lol You are a quilting goddess to me! hehe

    I've seen myself taking a toothbrush to clean the shower door tracks, as well as anything else that's hard to get at with a regular sponge...I agree with you, we need a life! lol

    Your flowers (shown on your previous posts) look like they're doing so well, just beautiful! My planters are also starting to really fill up as well. I'm just amazed that my rose bushes are doing so well in my faerie garden...I had my doubts when I planted them but the faeries must be taking good care of them:-) xoxo

  6. Okay now all is least at your house!
    I love your quilt Zoey, your stitches look so neat! You wouldn't even want to see mine that is if I ever get to learn to quilt..I know about my stitches because I embroider..
    I'm still left wishing for some of your energy!

  7. I loved looking at your quilt! Did you plan the quilting pattern yourself? I did a whole cloth quilt once but the design was pre-printed. I've always wanted to do another one and work out the design on my own. I was curious how you did it.


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