Friday, August 1, 2008

My Gardens Used to be all Pastels

Until about five or six years ago, when I got tired of pinks/purples and started gradually adding oranges and reds. (The big bare spot of soil is another area where I have had to remove everything to get rid of the sedum 'coral carpet'.)

I still have a few pink Asiatic lilies and some purple phlox. Around August all the orange color is gone and the garden begins to look softer with more pinks and purples. These lilies are 'Vivaldi'.

On the deck one of my favorite dahlias of all time is blooming. It's the pink 'Park Princess' and it's the first dahlia I bought. Some years it does not bloom at all and I thought it was gone, so I was happy to see it back this year.

Here's another dahlia bursting forth. As you can see the pink is out of place on my deck.

It does not go so well with the oranges and reds on the deck, but I like it, so I just let it clash for the short time they bloom together. I often pick the pink to use in the living room, which I may do this weekend if I am in the mood to create a bouquet.


  1. well Zoey I used to go for more of the bold colors in my garden and now I am more into pinks, purple and white. Oh and a flower garden must always have a splash of yellow right?

  2. I love all colors-especially a true blue if I can find them. I love oranges and yellows!
    Your dahlias look great.


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