Monday, January 8, 2007

Enough of Paper-Piecing

Time for a little break and a cup of Edy's Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Doesn't this look delish?

Believe me, it was.

I'm a little discouraged after making a turkey block tonight that I don't like at all.

Laurie asked me what I was planning to make with all of these time-consuming bird blocks.

Well, I am almost embarrassed to say, "Nothing." That's right. I have no plans for anything. I just felt like trying my hand at making a few and so far I haven't felt like stopping.

I am no expert at paper-piecing. In fact, I only taught myself how last winter when I used my practice heart blocks to make pillows for the deck. I talked about it here.

Now that I know how, I am pretty hooked. I used the technique to make a border for the log cabin quilt I made last year and am quilting now. I have not spent much time quilting it lately, as I am spending all my time on these bird blocks. I find it pretty amazing to get so much detail in a quilt block.

I am sure I will think of something to do with them.


  1. Yummy ice cream! Quite tempting for us trying to cut back after the holidays!
    Lucky you not to worry about such things!
    I think Edy's is known as Dreyers out West...

  2. Well, now, Susie, I don't know if I would say I don't have to worry about such things.

    I would say, "I should worry, but I don't."

    LIfe is too short to stress over every bite, even though my closet full of too small clothes is telling me I should start stressing a bit. LOL

  3. Well, I certainly do love ice cream. I might choose a different flavour though. Anyway, you deserve some after all that beautiful quilting. There is so much detail in those bird blocks. It's amazing!

  4. My all-time favorite ice cream flavor! YUMO!
    Actually Schwan's makes my favorite... Black Jack Cherry!
    Do you have Schwan's in your area?

  5. I think I need some of that ice cream. And cheetos, courtesy of Don at An Iowa Garden.

    Blast you people!
    *listens to stomach begging*

  6. Oh, your icecream looks so good! I have not eaten one for a long time.



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