Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life is Short, Eat More Chocolate

That's the title of this scrapbook page immortalizing my love of Hershey kisses, followed by salty potato chips. Are any of you into scrapbooking?
I was about 6 years ago and pretty much organized all of my photos into about a dozen books. I believe I have two books of just me. I really don't have many pictures of my younger years.

Here's the 16-17 yr. old page. Anyone remember those bandanas? I used to love wearing one. I see my hair is curled in that picture. I must have slept on orange juice cans. It wasn't easy to get curls in long hair in those days!

I even documented my beginning days on the internet. I am sure I've told you all that I was a Barbie doll collector. This pages documents my internet Barbie doll swaps. It was such fun.

I see I never finished my last scrapbook. There are numerous pages like this with pics shoved in waiting to be arranged. This page is called "Denim Duds" and is all about the denim clothes I had.
I think I am going to work on finishing these pages this weekend.

Scrapbooking is great fun. If you have boxes of photos waiting to be arranged in some orderly fashion, you may enjoy taking up this hobby. There is a ton of info on the internet. The fun part is deciding on the layout. You can find hundreds of layouts on the net just by using google.


  1. I LOVE scrapping!
    In fact I am hosting our monthly scrapping day on Saturday!
    I can't wait! Three Mom's and our three grown daughters!!
    We scrap & eat and scrap & eat!

  2. You are so much fun.

    I am a stamper, rather than a scrapbooker, but the two are fairly close cousins.

    And I do beadwork rather than quilting.
    You've got me beat hands down on the table arranging though. Such a collection, you've got!

  3. Wow Look at that RED hair,its gorgeous. Yes I remember the bandannas they were great for bad hair days.
    I've never been a hobby person wish I were.

  4. My 14 year old has started scrapbooking. Our neighbor downstairs is a consultant so I've been writing checks to her like a mad woman. I figure if she isn't going to be a quilter then I'll support her in her scrapbooking. :) I love the pictures!! Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. Did you pack your Barbies away? I still have lots of them, but stuck in the back bedroom gathering dust or in storage. I display a few at a time in the living room area, depending on who I want out. I love the designer bridal gown Barbies-i.e. Vera Wang.

  6. I'll have to dig out my own bandana photos to compare. I had cut my hair by then, but I had the real long hair too.

  7. It looks like you have fun scrapping! I enjoy scrapping so much. I just got into it about 5 years ago. Love your layouts! Have you gone to
    It is a good place to visit if you haven't already.

  8. By the time "scrapbooking" became popular I was already burned out. I have dozens of chronological family photo albums I made over the years that I'm sure somebody will find interesting someday (or not). Meanwhile I've found them to be useful in trying to pin down "what year was that?"

    I rarely print a photo these days. If I do, it goes on the refrigerator (no, I'm not showing a picture of that, Zoey!) Your scrapbooks are charming.

  9. Last year I made a scrapbook for my niece's 16th was my first attempt at scrapbooking and was actually quite amazed at myself! lol I made 12 pages that showed her from the time she was a baby until now...she cried when she was looking at it, she loved it so much. I had posted pictures of it when I first started blogging...maybe I should repost it again:-) I've recently been buying more scrapbooking stuff to start making my own cards. Love the scrapbook pages you made!!!


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