Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fire King Peach Lustre

I came home from work today and decided to tackle the empty china cabinet in the living room.

It's been sitting empty since I took all the Christmas stuff down. I like to change all the items in my cabinets a few times a year. When I find that I am so used to whatever is in them that I do not even notice the items anymore, I make a change.

I opened the bottom door of the cabinet and saw these peach lustre dishes. I decided to pull them out and spend a few months enjoying them. I needed an accent color and noticed the yellow teapot and vaseline candlesticks--voila! I had an accent color.

A little more digging deeper into the cabinet and I found some yellow/gold flowers, copper beads and a crocheted doily that my great grandmother made. The doily went on top of the cabinet, where it sits all alone until I become inspired to find some large items to put up there. I may have to case the basement to find somthing suitable.
My old coppered baby shoes were also inside the cabinet. I pulled them out, too.
Here's the copper beads and an old ladies glove (I buy those whenever I come across them. Can you imagine wearing them every time you went out?)

I found all of these items just by standing in front of the china cabinet, bending down and pulling things out from behind the closed doors. The funny thing is, it's still full behind those doors!


  1. Very pretty Zoey, You amaze me with all the things that you have I bet you could even pull a rabbit out of a hat.:)
    Are those your baby shoes?

  2. Oooh, love the shine, the lustre, the color combos, the whole peachy display!
    I love swtching my collections around too!
    Good for you!

  3. The cabinet looks great! I tend to leave things forever! Maybe I'll have to try to change!

  4. Everything looks really nice. I haven't done much today I went to the chiropractor (?) after work and I am pretty sore. so I have been taking it easy.

  5. Oh Zoey, it just looks wonderful!! I'm always so in awe of all the little touches you do to give a display so much pizzaz!! Love the dishes, they really are gorgeous! I don't have a china cabinet but if I did, I'd want it to look just like yours:-) xox

  6. You have the "touch" Looks really great!
    I have my baby shoes too, but they are bronzed not copper.

  7. I want a china cabinet with as much storage as yours has. I have to open those bottom cupboards very carefully since I know the last thing I put in there is teetering on top of something else!

    Very pretty display!

  8. Zoey, I live vicariously through you! I can only wish that I had half your energy and pizzaz. What a creative mind you have.

  9. Gladys of FT. Lauderdale, FlaSun Feb 01, 02:11:00 PM 2009

    Do you have any history on Peach Luster "Fire King"?


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