Saturday, January 20, 2007

Valentines From my First Love

from 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

I found these in my very old scrapbook that was falling apart (along with the piece of chewed gum he gave me). I tossed the fozzilized gum, but I can't possibly throw these away after all these years! LOL

Ah, yes, First Love was so dreamy….tall, dark, handsome. I always seemed to go for the tall guys.

I have not seen First Love since I was 18 years old. He was still dreamy when I last saw him.

My sister saw him once a few years ago.

“Really?” I tried to be nonchalant when she mentioned it to me.

“Yes. He gained a little weight.”

“Haven’t we all?” still trying to give the old devil-may-care attitude. “Is his hair still dark?”

“What hair?”

“You’re kidding!” Forget the nonchalant airs. I had to gasp for breath. “You mean he’s bald?”

“Not a hair on his big head.”

“How big was he?” Now I have no shame. I want to hear it all.

“About 275 lbs.”

I grasp my chest in a Fred-Sanford style, shocked that tall, dark and dreamy is now tall, fat and bald.

Then I smile. “Thank goodness he never liked me as much as I liked him.”

We both laugh.

Revenge is so sweet.


  1. Well, that's one good thing about moving around so much. I will never run into any of the people I went to school with!

  2. You are toooo funny Zoey!
    Great story!

  3. Great story, and I love the old valentines!!

  4. Vintage valentines are always a delight! Enjoyed reading your blog today! Thanks so much for stopping by the cabin and for taking the time to comment! Claudia O

  5. Hmmm...not interested in boys until 7th grade. They were all brats before that. But I have 3 brothers and no sisters, that may have helped.
    It's so neat that you still had your Valentines. Someone dear to my heart isn't bald, but he's got a little spare tire around the middle. : )

  6. LOL Oh Zoey, that just cracked me up!!! The last time I met my "sweetheart" from my childhood days I remember thinking "ugh"! lol I'm glad you threw away the gum but so glad you kept the very precious!! Hugs xox

  7. The Valentines are cute - it's fun to see them - hey, Superman was popular then, too.

    Maybe your old beau is not so handsome on the outside, Zoey, but he might have that inner beauty we're all supposed to be searching for. If you once liked him, he had to be more than just a pretty face, right? Or was the attraction all superficial?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    [who thinks George Clooney has lots of inner beauty]


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