Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Working on more snowman blocks

I need three more.
It's going pretty slowly because I've been doing more ripping out than I'd like. Ever try to rip out something sewed with a stitch about twice as small as a regular sewing stitch? It's especially fun when you sew the exact seam wrong--TWICE. Some days just aren't made for sewing!

Calidore, you asked if I had any tips on how to do paper peicing the easy way. Yes, make sure you sew with the tiniest stich you can. That way the paper will come off the back easily. Just don't make any mistakes you have to tear out!

See this little piece of white that's sticking out? The exact same thing happened on the first one and I just can't figure out why. Maybe I will get it right by the 4th block! I will have to make creative use of the rick rack for the arm to cover it.

Laurie, does your friend who wants to make this one know how to do paper-piecing? If she ends up making it, please post a picture! It would be neat to see what fabrics, etc. she chooses. By the way, I had to get the book from an interlibrary loan, too. It's a real pain copying the pattern and trying to figure out where to cut each piece. This author did not add the seam allowances - you may remember my rant about that earlier.


  1. I'm sure glad you know what you're doing...I'd have no idea! lol My mom was quite a seamstress while I was growing up and although she tried teaching me how to sew, I was just never interested in learning...I can hem pants and stitch up a tear but don't ask me to make something out of a pattern! I'll admire your projects instead:-) Hugs xox

  2. I read a lot of your blog this morning and really enjoyed it. I love your snowman quilt and I make my ribs the same way! I stopped boiling them about a year ago. They looked so good I think I'm going to make some tonight! Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by the cabin! (Loved your nails too:)!!)

  3. She said she knows how to do them but doesn't really like to do them. How many snowmen are you doing? What are you making with them? I love snowmen!!

  4. Pea, if you can stitch up a tear, you can make it quilt. It's nothing but straight line stitching.

    TTCabin, Nice to meet you, too. Did you make ribs?

    Laurie, I am making 4 of the same snowman block for the same quilt. I'm putting three across the bottom. Your friend might not enjoy making this one if she doesn't like paper-piecing!


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