Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Have a Man

living in my bag of brown sugar!

He's quite a cute little guy, don't you think?

I bought him years ago when my niece was selling that over-priced junk schools send kids out to sell. Amongst the candy and wrapping paper items, I found him (for somewhere in the ridiculous $8.00 range). He sat for years in the back of my cupboard in the little box he came in.

Last fall I came across him and decided to use him as he was intended--to keep my brown sugar free of hard lumps.

So far he seems to be doing the job quite well.

Last August I bought a bouquet of sunflowers at the farmer's market. The sunflowers are long gone, but the yellow statice they used as filler is still happily residing in colored bottles on my kitchen window ledge.


  1. Zoey! I have the same blue bottle!! I will have to take a pic of it.
    I am going to put my fabulous spray painted allium in it!!
    Pretty soon spring, right??!

  2. LOL Zoey, I have the same little man I bought years ago from a little girl selling that school stuff. I've been using mine though and he actually does a good job.

  3. Wonder why he works? I've heard of using apple to keep brown sugar soft, but never tried that either!
    Love your curtains..did you make them?

  4. Is the little man made of clay?

  5. You have a man, I have a teddy put in my brown sugar I mean! lol They do work pretty good, I just don't know what it is about the clay that stops the brown sugar from hardening! Will have to google that! lol Hugs xox

  6. I use a piece of bread in my brown sugar I didn't know they sold such a "Man"

  7. The man is cool.

    I save my bouquet fillers too, and last year, I finally had enough to make a wreath out of it. It was kinda neat because it's parts of all the bouquets my fiance has brought me over the years.


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