Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Decided on Milk Glass to fill the Dining Room Cabinet

I have not had the milk glass out in ages.
I decided to do this classic color-schemed table of black and white. It was inspired by the red roses DH brough home yesterday. I cut them down low to make the centerpiece. I used the black metal charger plates I got for Christmas.

Just a few hours ago this table was loaded with fabric, a cutting mat, and other sewing junk.

What a difference a couple of hours can make!

The weekend is almost over and I have had no time to read anything, except for blogs. I guess I see where my priorities lie! LOL.

one week later: the roses are dying. I scattered the petals of one that fell apart in my hand


  1. Love it. Looks very elegant and those roses make a perfect centerpiece. I have a few pieces of milkglass that I bought at flea mkts. I remember my grandmother had a whole cabinet full of it,would love to have it now.

  2. However did you take that tablescape pic?!
    LOVE IT Zoey!
    You ooozzz creativity girl!!

  3. Zoey, I love your creativity, and I enjoy reading your blog every day. Thanks for all your inspiration - it reminds me that my surroundings don't have to stay the same (to the point that I don't even see them any more), but that small changes bring renewed interest and almose make me feel that I'm living in a new house - and I haven't even spent much (if any) money! l

  4. Hi Florrie, How nice to hear from you. It's been a while. You've got it exactly right--if you have the room to store boxes of "junk" then you can change to your heart's content and it does not cost a dime.

    Linda, I hung upside down from the chandelier...I'm double jointed....Ha, Ha...just joking...I stood on the chair and held the camera up high.

    Pat, I bought all of my milk glass from junk shops/garage sales. I remember the dishes were advertised in the newspaper classifieds about 20 years ago.

  5. Your table looks gorgeous!! You have now inspired me to clean my own house...heehee my hubby thanks you!! Happy "blog delurking week",

  6. You've had a creative week and weekend Zoey. The milk glass is lovely in that pretty cabinet.
    Great job with everything.
    How nice of your DH to bring you red roses. What a sweetheart!
    Thanks for that sweet compliment on the photo of me with Corey. The boys were enjoying having their pictures taken that weekend and were particularly cuddly. We had great fun. speaking of photos...I really liked the one of you a few posts back. I think you were adding seam allowance to quilt square patterns. I meant to comment on it but got distracted by your other posts :)

  7. Such a beautiful table setting, set for rayalty....Queen Pea is coming right over! LOL The red roses centerpiece makes the perfect splash of colour! Honestly, it just looks so terrific...I always get such wonderful ideas from you, thank you:-) Hugs xox

  8. Hi Zoey, Just happened upon your blog while doing a google search. Really enjoyed all your tablescapes and your flowers. Felt you are a kindred spirit and would like to invite you to come chat with me and some other very nice ladies on the Ivillage forums. There are all kinds of forums there with terrific ideas. One of the ladies posted pics of gorgeous decorated stacked plates and all of us wanted to learn to do them. Now we are discussing various tablescapes and table vignettes. Bet you would love it. Come on by and say hello. Here's the forum address:

    Hope you come see us. Kay

  9. How did I miss this one? Beautiful!


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