Friday, January 26, 2007

Test Post in the New Blogger

Well, what do you know. I popped in here and it said it was ready to switch me over. It's been saying that every day, but today it actually worked!

A few days ago, Dianne asked to see pics of my family room. So I thought I would use that to test the new blogger.

You've seen them before, Dianne, but you've probably forgotten. So here it is again:

These are some of my bean pot collection:

No time to play with this right now. Be back later this afternoon. I haven't been in the blogging mood all week. Maybe checking out the new blogger will get me back in the mood.

Crossing my fingers that everything works!


  1. It did work! I've noticed you haven't been posting much..
    Hope you enjoy the new blogger!

  2. Thank for your nice comments on my blog. Now its my turn: I love your lamps and curtains a lot. What is that quilt in the corner, have you made it?

  3. How about that blogger finally switching all you gals with the big blogs over to beta! That happened to a stitching pal last night. Have fun playing with it. I don't dare log into my blog account!
    I have seen bits and pieces of your family room, but don't remember seeing the entire view of it-it looks comfy. I'll have to do that for you sometime too-if I ever have it cleaned up all the way. ; )

  4. Congratulations Zoey! I hope it works well for you.
    Your bean pots are neat! It's a lovely, warm and cozy looking room.

  5. That is a nice collection of bean pots. Do you use them to bake beans? I have two, like the one in the center, one large, and one small. Haven't used them in a long time.

  6. Yeah ! Glad to hear you made it or blogger finally let you make it. Have a great weekend!

  7. You do have the knack of arranging rooms so nicely. Just wish I lived closer so I could pop over for a lesson or five...grin.

    Good luck with the new blogger - mine said I could swap but when I tried to it won't let me - now I can't access my old blog to post on it so in the end I gave up and started a new blog -
    Hopefully everything will work out ok. Please keep posting - I do love reading about what you have been doing and your photos are wonderful.


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