Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is There Anything I don't Share on this Blog?

Yesterday DH walked into the bathroom and caught me bent over with the hair dryer in one hand, a toothbrush in the other, and the camera on a tripod, set to go off on it's own. The man is used to seeing me photograph weird things, but this one did stop him in his tracks.

Well, what can I say? I do this all the time.

I've already told you how I dry my hair upside down.

Well, as my head is way down near the floor, I get a good view of all the raised panels. Sometimes I see dust. At least once a week, I grab the toothbrush (in the drawer for just this purpose) and I give it a swipe or two, to remove all of the dust. There is nothing weird about it. It's quick and easy.

"How do think the crevices stay so clean?" I ask DH as he gives his head an incredulous shake and walks out. It's not like he would ever (in a million years) think to clean them. I guess men think it all happens by magic.

Sometimes I am the queen of multi tasking! :)

See, I wasn't lying when I said the toothbrush was one of my top two cleaning tools.

Today was nail day. I got a bright color and had a little fan embellishment on one finger. I was in the mood for something different, but this is brighter than I thought it would be. Oh, well, I only have to keep it for two weeks.

I am enjoying this cup of Amaretto Cappucino as I wait for the polish to harden up so I can sew. It takes about an hour and that's about how long I've been doing this post (my Mom called right in the middle of posting, so it's taking me a long time tonight).

O.K. now I have to label it. Hmmmm, I guess I will call this one a "cleaning tip".


  1. Hi Zoey,
    I just remembered you grow cannas when I saw your new category for it. See! It's useful already. :)

    Anyway, mine all wilted when California had a cold blast recently. Since you cut off the tops of yours and store them for the winter, should I cut off the tops of mine too? Any other suggestions? You can see what they look like in this post. http://wanderingchopsticks.blogspot.com/2007/01/january-garden-update-oranges-werent.html


  2. Oh my goodness this is too funny. I laughed out load. I can imagine the look on your hubbys face:)

  3. Oh Zoey...LOL....I can just picture the look on your husband's face when he found you like that! hehe I just love your fingernails, I could never grow mine like that! Sigh! That little fan detail on the one nail is just gorgeous!! Hugs xox

  4. Wandering C, I am so glad someone found them useful already. :)

    Laurie, I think he was wondering just what kind of crazy woman he was stuck with for the rest of his life. hee hee

    Hey, Pea. I can't grow them like that either! That's why I have to go every two weeks to have them put on! LOL. They are acrylic.

  5. I am so jelous of your nails! Not fair!
    I am actually back to biting mine... go figure!
    Great, fun pics Zoey!

  6. Found your blog through Rosemary! Enjoyed your multi-tasking post! My family thinks I'm a little crazy with the camera too, since I have started blogging.

  7. The toothbrush is one of my best tools for cleaning (and I don't mean teeth), too. It's great for awkward areas around faucets. We get a lot of calcium buildup with the way our water is. Plus there are lots of other uses.

  8. Golly, Zoey, your house must be immaculate! Can you do mine, now!?

  9. I'm catching up on a few of your posts Zoey and had a giggle over this one. I can relate to taking pictures of anything and everything with my camera :) The family says, "Oh, here she goes again". That's when they start pulling stupid faces :)
    I clean things with a tooth brush too...but I'm not nearly as good at multi-tasking as you are girl! :)
    I'm picturing your husband's incredulity...LOL


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