Thursday, January 11, 2007

Felt Rounds for Dish Storage

Doesn't it seem like everyone is cleaning, purging junk and storing items away this month?

I thought I'd share my tip on storing dishes so they don't scratch.

Most of you know I am a dish hoarder, so I've got plenty stacked in my cupboards. I don't want them to scratch, so I cut pieces of felt (somewhat round) and stick them between the dishes.

Then just stack to your heart's content.

In a pinch, paper towels will work almost as well.

I learned this from Martha way back in the early '80's.


  1. Great idea! Sooo gonna do that!

    I didn't actually buy the magazine that Alicia Paulson was featured in... but it has her name on the article... wish I had the page number to help you. Hope you find it.

  2. I'm a paper towel kinda girl, but I did buy some of those zip up padded holders for my long suffering good china which is now stored properly in my new kitchen.

  3. I use paper plates. They work great and saves time too. ;o)

  4. Great ideas here for stacking the china. I have some of my Great Grandma's depression glass and I need to protect it better.

  5. Zoey
    Check out:
    "small ripples in the pond"(blog)
    she has beautiful quilts.

  6. Thanks, Susieq. I did. Is that blog abandon? I can't find any posts since last August.

    Sandra, Paper plates are a great idea, too. Thanks!

  7. Excellent idea and although I've put paper towel in between plates when I've packed them up to move or store away, I've never thought of doing it with my dishes that I have in the cupboard!

  8. I use coffee filters between all my dishes!


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