Saturday, January 27, 2007

So Far so Good

Well, everything seems to be working with the new blogger. The only difference I discovered is when I sign in to Google, I have to put my email address. I don't remember saying that I wanted that as my log in. Maybe it's automatic?

Calidore, so sorry to hear you had problems making the change and had to start a new blog. I have not yet made any template changes. It said mine was outdated. I guess I will have to update it to get the categories, etc. I am afraid to attempt the update because that is probably where the problems begin. I personally like a plain template. All that clutter of stuff all over is distracting to me. I would like to just keep the one I have.

A few of you asked about the bean pots. Yes, I do use them when I make baked beans to take to a pot luck, which is not very often. There is just nothing that looks more homey than baked beans in a bean pot. If I ever have a sandwich & salad buffet at my home, I will use a bunch of them for all the salads. I think that would be neat. You know how I am all into the presentation of tables.

All week long I worked on making these little 3-inch blocks for the next border of my snowman quilt.

I thought I would pick up the mitten & button colors.
After spending 4 days making them, I decided they just weren't doing it for me. As much as I hated to I had to start all over. I will save these for some other quilt. It will be wonderful to have them all finished and ready to sew on when the time comes.

After tossing around a few alternate ideas, I chose to stick with the red and blue colors. I wanted a somewhat intricate pieced border, but something a little easier than the blocks above (which took about 20 minutes per 3-inch block).

I decided on this:

I think I like it.


  1. Zoey, I've changed the blog after the trouble with beta!


  2. Good luck with the blog. I personally like wordpress a lot. I have different pages now (attached to the main) that I can add info too that is semi-permanent. I still have a blogger account and I'm afraid I'll have to update as I am in a group blog and can't post if I don't.
    I guess I like a little blog pizazz as I probably don't get that many hits from my blog's name like you may.

  3. Zoey,
    There are some very basic templates in the new blogger you can use and then avail yourself of all the new features. They offer you an opportunity to preview as well as backup your "old template" if you decide it isn't what you want..
    Did you find pictures downloaded somewhat easier??
    (I also have to use my email to sign in)

  4. Blogger finally let me switch to the new Blogger yesterday too and for now, I'm keeping the template I have now. I love the way it publishes so much faster! We all have to sign in with our email address now as it's through Google. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that on all our past posts, the comments show mostly as "anonymous". I just LOVE the quilt you're making...that border you decided on is perfect for it! Hugs xox

  5. Hi Zoey, I agree the border is perfect for your quilt I love it.

    I also collect bean pots but I don't think I've ever used any of mine,I'll have to give it a try.

  6. I love the red and blue on the quilt. I collect snowmen and I think this is a really darling quilt pattern. I hope you post a photo of it once you have it finished.

  7. The second border boes it for me Zoey - :-) Love it.
    When you signed up for the new blogger the google account you had to generate does require an email addy to work. I spent ages explaining to my DH last night that small point - why men don't get it the first go I don't know...grin.

  8. Your discarded border looks perfect for a desert/southwestern themed quilt... I see them as spiky yucca plants!

  9. Love your snowman quilt - so appropriate for this time of year in the northern states!


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