Monday, January 1, 2007

What can you make in 3 hours with 94 Little Pieces of Fabric?

How about this 7-inch cardinal block?

It's not perfect, but I have proven to myself that I can make these complicated foundation pieced blocks!

There are 11 little blocks sewn together to make the 7-inch block. The pattern is in Linda Causee's book, "365 Foundation Quilt Blocks".

I don't know yet what I will do with it. I suppose I will make three more and use them as corner blocks in a quilt border. There are patterns for a robin, a bluejay and an American Eagle. I may make one of each.


  1. Your cardinal is beautiful! I envy people who quilt. What patience!

  2. It's beautiful! We don't have cardinals in this area at all. Love the red color!

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW. 94 itty-bitty pieces of fabric?!?! You did a beautiful job and I'm really impressed that you want to make more. WOW

    Happy New Year, Kim

  4. I love it (cardinals are one of my favorite birds)! And it does look like a lot of work. I think it would look wonderful with the other birds you mentioned.
    Good job!

  5. Beautiful Zoey, I think a bird quilt would be very pretty.

  6. That's beautiful. I can envision a quilt with a whole aviary of wild birds...

  7. You are amazing! That is a LOT of work!
    But what a challenge and you did it... and VERY well!
    Thanks for sharing Zoey!

  8. I have a cardinal in my 505 block book, but it doesn't look as real as yours. I like it!!

  9. Now that's a cardinal! I never see them unless I'm visiting my daughter in Oklahoma. Very cool, Zoey! My late mother-in-law made me a bird quilt years ago and I love it, I think you should go for it! (Ummm, I think you have enough fabric to make one!)

  10. How beautiful! You are talented, I'm not.


  11. Wow that is so complicated! It looks fabulous. I am completely impressed. I can barely sew on a button myself...

  12. That's just amazing Zoey! Stunning!


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