Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Wonder When Ladies Wore Gloves this Color?

I purchased these rather bright green long gloves many years ago in a junk shop. They are a very gaudy color and every time I display them, I wonder what era they were worn. Do you think the late 1950's? I only wish I could see the entire ensemble. LOL.

I am using them on the knob of this china cabinet which is full of green things.

Look what DH came home with.

These beautiful red roses. I thought they looked great with the white snowflakes that are falling today.


  1. It was so fashionable to wear gloves back then, I guess they wore them all different colours to match every outfit! lol Omigosh, the roses truly are gorgeous and I love the way you took a picture of them with that snow filled tree in the background!! Beautiful!

  2. Very interesting, Zoey - I'd like to know, too.

    Is there an aura of Mamie Eisenhower hanging over them? For some reason elbow-length white ones come to mind for the mid-fifties... but in late fifties to -sixties women still wore lots of long formal dresses, and the technology was in place to dye every single thing to match. I've seen photos of bridesmaids circa 1960 dressed hat-beads-dress-gloves-shoes in deep bright blue or pumpkin orange, so why not green?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Thank you, Pea. I thought you were at your Mom's today???

    My first thought was the 60's, but then I thought gloves were "out" by then. Maybe not. They do seem too bold for the 1950's. I think you may be correct.

  4. Zoey you have a very sweet hubby. The roses are beautiful.

    I have a sister in law somewhat older than me who was brought up to be a "southern lady" she used to get dressed up just to go grocery shopping white gloves and all. To me it seems a little ridiculous. Give me jeans and a tshirt anyday.

  5. OOPS Forgot to sign my name.

  6. I think the reason you could buy those gloves, Zoey, is because they were given as a gift and the recipient did not wear them.


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