Saturday, January 13, 2007

Looking Forward to a Nice Quiet Weekend

I plan to stay home and get some much needed cleaning done (on my sewing breaks).

Here's my big bunch of blocks that I've completed the past week. I'm in a sewing frenzy. I think I made a block every night this week. I love when I get totally consumed in a project(s). I made the seagull last night. The snowman still needs buttons and facial features embroidered on.

See the turkey way up on the top? I don't like him much at all, so I've added borders and he's destined for the pot holder pile. He'll be cute to toss on the counter as protection on Thanksgiving.

I've changed my profile pic again. Do you ever get where you just can't stand to see your mug looking back at you every time you comment? That's where I am now, so I decided to use Mr. Cardinal for awhile.

I also have a lot of library books that came in this week. They are all Christmas quilting books that I ordered.
I will glance through them to see if there is anything new to make (I actually got the snowman pattern from one of those). While at the library, I picked up these Southern Living magazines.
I love to read these. They have the best decorating and recipe ideas.

What's everyone else doing this weekend?


  1. I am going to work on my brothers and his wifes wedding scrapbook. Of course we get baby J for a couple hour tonight so I will have to play with her:)

  2. Basketball, of course, and church tonite. After that, I am hosting the 7th grade youth group meeting. We will play indoor kickball.
    Then? Cooking for tomorrow's tailgate for the BEARS!!!

  3. Zoey you have a lot to show for your work.. I like the turkey.The cardinal is my favorite though. Southern living is my fav magazine they are the one thing I don't throw away I even have some older ones that were my mothers, love to look through old magazines.

    Basketball and football here too. I've actually become a fan, I guess that comes from raising 3 sons and of course a husband.:)

  4. Hope you're enjoying your weekend in between all the cleaning sprees:-) I just love all the quilting blocks you've made!! In about an hour I'm leaving to go to my mom's for her buffet far today all I've done is play catch up with everybody's blogs! lol Hugs xox

  5. Zoey, can you recommend any books for someone like me who is totally clueless about quilting but would like to learn how to do this kind of work?

    This weekend will be spent trying to put a new sweeper together...grrrr..whatever happened to the days when things came fully assembled? I swear if I have to put one more thing together I'm going to scream. Once that's done I'll be spending time cleaning my house, planning on paper this year's garden, and catching up on some reading.

  6. You are amazing Zoey!
    I love Southern Living magazine too!
    Cute cardinal on your profile... but you are cuter!
    Have a fun weekend!

  7. Nice haul from the library, Zoey! What am I doing this weekend? NOT going to the library since I already spend 40 hours a week there. I really am going to finish putting away the Christmas stuff. I swear I am.

  8. Lostroses, I didn't know you worked in a library! I think they used to believe I worked there, too, as I was there about 3 times a week (before computers). Now I go in spurts with frequent visits. Last week I was there 4 times to pick up the interlibrary loans.

    You are too sweet! :)

    Pumpkin Faerie, I just came from your site and answered your question. I hope you get that thing together. I just HATE to assemble anything, too. Nowadays, nothing, comes preassembled.

    Pea, You just answered my question. ;). I haven't really done much cleaning. The day is almost over, so I probably won't do much today.

    Laurie, Scrapping sounds like fun. I was really into that about four years ago. It's addicting!

    Sissy, Hope your teams win! Don't forget to post pictures of the tailgate grub.

    Pat, Hope your teams win, too. I can see how being the only female in a houseful of men could turn you into a sports fan. If you weren't you'd never get to watch anything on TV. :)

  9. I like how the white one came out. Seagull? Dove? Seagull with those feet...


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