Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Did Basically Nothing Last Night

except to spend five minutes finishing off this shelf display.

Dianne, I wasn't looking to add new furniture or anything to the room. I just needed to finish decorating all the china cabinets. Your ideas were good though--I've done both in the past. I have a little table that fits nicely under the window. The only problem is I have a spot in the family room where it also fits nicely. That's where it is now.
I heated up some of my frozen pea soup for dinner, read a few blogs, watched the news and went to bed very early. I think the return of winter weather has depressed my energy level.

Over the weekend I made this pork sitrfry. I like the picture with the wine glass and all the steam.

I just looked outside and it's miserable (snow) again today. I just dread having to go out and battle the slippery roads to get to work.


  1. I am with you, Zoey. I hate it. It's our first winter back here and I am not looking forward to the rest of it.
    I won't even read blogs from CA or FL or Australia because it just depresses me.

  2. That is a photo fit for a food magazine! Well done.
    We were warm here and now the temps are dropping. It's so dreary though-no good sun for days.
    Oh! I read 'rearrangement' and I thought you meant adding or taking out. Your china cabinet looks great. I need to rearrange my own. I'd rather buy a new one, but I just blew a ton of money on my teeth repair. We'll have to see.
    Good luck on the roads.

  3. I'd like to see your family room too!

  4. Hi Zoey,
    Your rearranged cabinet looks good. Loved the steamy stir fry too. It's still freezing here. That gets old in a hurry for us used to much warmer temps!

  5. Looks good! I like that tiny quilt rack.

  6. Everything looks really nice! We are startig to get snow. This is the time of year I love to read!! The stir fry looks really good!

  7. Great photo Zoey!
    I am making my pork and scalloped potatoes electric skillet meal as we blog! YUMO!
    I LOVE pork... my fav meat!

  8. But I'm having red wine with my pork dish!!
    I love yellow tail shiraz!

  9. Finally looks like January here too! Ugh! Oh yummmm that pork stir fry looks so good! It's 8:20 p.m. and I haven't eaten dinner yet...got any of that stir fry left??? hehe Your china cabinet looks wonderful! Hugs xox

  10. That pork stirfry looks delicious. I think I can smell it...mmmmm!
    Your decorating looks great.
    The frigid temps do sap our energy level I think. I know we have to live with it, but I don't like it either. I especially hate having to drive in it..or leave the house at all. It makes me want to hibernate.
    Pea soup sounds good!


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