Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Swan Turned Into

this ugly duckling!
In less than a week it turned from beautiful to this....

It is such a short-lived pleasure. Now I will just enjoy the shade it will provide when the weather turns hot.

Lucky for me, though, I now get to enjoy my neighbor's gorgeous crabs which I can see while I sit on my deck and from my living room window. Aren't they magnificient?

I am so lucky to have a neighbor directly across the street who takes care of his yard.


  1. They truly are magnificent. I'm sure you'd love them to stay like that all summer, especially as they contrast so nicely with the different greeens.

  2. The crabapple trees are all in bloom over here too and I love driving up and down some streets just to gawk at them! lol The colours are so gorgeous.

  3. The crabapples are lovely. We had a few at our old house, but the new owners cut some of them down. Along with ripping out my perennial gardens. I could have cried when I saw what they did...

  4. What a wonderful view! How lucky you are indeed! The crabs were so beautiful this year, along with all the flowering trees. It's been a great spring for them.
    My hubby planted a new flowering crab a few weeks ago (I wanted pink but it turned out to be another red one. Hmmm....) He pointed out to me today that the tiny tree has flowers on it! Get your camera he said! So I did :)


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