Monday, May 22, 2006

Root Bound

This is a fine example of a plant you do NOT want to buy.

I would be hard pressed to find a more fine example of a root bound plant.

This poor guy is choking to death.

I must confess that I never check the roots before I buy. I just grab a flat based on the flower type and color.

For this guy to survive, you MUST loosen those roots. I grab a small bunch at the bottom and just yank it off and toss it. Then I use my thumb and fingers to gently massage the root ball until it looks something like this one. It goes very quickly. You don't have to be terribly gentle.

Now he's ready to be placed in the soil and I think he will survive just fine. Those roots can now reach out to get water and nutrients.

It would really be best to check before you buy. You should not waste your hard-earned cash for an inferior plant like that.


  1. I was watching a gardening show on tv one day a few years ago and they had mentioned doing exactly that when buying plants...since then I've always made sure I loosen all the roots.

  2. I have never been able to do that!
    Too afraid of killing the poor plant, although marigolds, I suspect, are unkillable...

  3. I kinda poke my finger up in the roots and wiggle them a bit. Most of mine weren't too pot bound, thank goodness.


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