Friday, May 19, 2006

Any Day Your on Vacation is a Good Day

It's not looking like a very good day for outside work. All that green area is right over my city.

I was considering going in to work today and saving the vacation day.

But I've decided I don't feel like it, so will just stay home and work inside. My sewing room would benefit from a good cleaning...there are kitchen cupboards that could be sorted...dusting needs to be done....the list is endless.

Maybe in between rain storms I can get out and edge & weed those three small beds near the road.

And if I am really feeling ambitious, I may make DH a blueberry pie. . . that's a long shot, but I am not totally ruling it out.

The one good thing about this wet weather -- I have not had to water any of the deck plants :)

Update: Here it is 7:10 a.m. and I have the blueberry pie in the oven. LOL. I thought it was the longshot, but right after posting I decided that was what I would do.

I just stood out on the front porch to get another pic of the crabapple (please indulge me. It only blooms EVERY TWO YEARS, so I don't get to see it very often). Actually I wanted to show you that I did put creeping phlox under it. It will take about two years for the phlox to fill in nicely. Just in time for its next bloom, it should have a thick purple border and it should bloom at the same time. I'm pretty happy to have decided on the phlox--I really was not even thinking about the bloom time. Every now and then I luck out!

9:00 a.m.
Well, it looks good, but will it be runny?

I have a terrible time with homemade pies. No matter how much flour I put in, they are always too watery. That is why I rarely make one.


  1. Have you tried thickening with tapioca or cornstarch?

    The tapioca will give you a very firm consistency.

  2. Looking good Zoey. The garden and the pie. My mom always says the same thing about her pies and they are always great


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