Thursday, May 11, 2006

1st Trip to the Garden Center

After work yesterday, I stopped by the local garden center to see what was available.

I did not find too many new exciting offerings.

I did buy these trailing plants because I always need trailers for the front of my containers.

The white flowers on the bacopa seem to be unusually large. There was no marker in the plant so I don't know its name.

Last year I could not find any trailing coleus, so when my friend at work told me they had some of the duck's foot type, I made a special trip there to get some.

I also bought some Parrot's Beak (Lotus berthelotii).

This is a new one for me. I like the soft silvery-green, pinelike, tailing foliage and thought it would be a unique addition to some container.

It blooms with these interesting orange beak-like flowers.

It might look rather spiffy with this golden orange calibrachoa called 'Caribbean Sunset'.....then again, it may be too much the same color....

who knows where it will end up? I like to have a good assortment on hand when I start putting the containers together. . . makes me feel like a real garden designer....LOL

Oh, and we are finally getting the rain....LOADS of it....yup, the next seven days have rain in the forecast...I had no doubt that would happen...
I am on vacation next week.

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  1. Great choices Zoey! I particularly like calibrachoa and the parrot's beak (I really like gray foliage). I guess you are sending rain my way and we need it desparately. Have a great week off from work, you sure deserve it!


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