Friday, May 12, 2006

Strobilanthes Dyerianus

Now that's a mouthful, isn't it? LOL.
I just call it Persian Shield.
Other than my 4 hibiscus trees, it is the only plant I tried to overwinter in the basement.

It looks a little sick, but it did survive with almost no sun and just a small drink of water once a week.

I should look like this

I am feeling pretty confident that it will after a few weeks of warm sunshine and a few treatments of miracle grow.


  1. Oh I like it! It really doesn't look that bad. And any plant that has part of my name in it is pretty neat. : )

  2. I love the almost metalic sheen the leaves on Persian Shield have. What growing conditions does it like?

    A couple days ago you wrote about how frustrating growing tulips can be. If you want tulips that come back, plant Darwin tulips. They will come back vigorously for several years. Most of the Triumph tulips will only give you one year of big, healthy looking tulips. If you have a really bad deer problem, why don't you grow them in containers? As long as they have at least 6 weeks of cold weather they do well. Then you can move them somewhere out of the way to do their ugly foliage die-back. I pot up a bunch of tulips in plastic nursery containers and then just slip them into my pretty pots when they start blooming. I don't have deer problems, but I have voles that love to eat my tulips and lilies too.

  3. What a beaufitul purple color!

  4. Joy,
    Thank you for the tip on the Darwin's. It is certainly worth a try.Containers are a good idea, too. I just never seem to get to doing that.

    Sonia, I love that color, too.

    Dianne, I never noticed that. :)


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