Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Couldn't Wait

to try out my new deck quilts.

I went to a little garden place near my home and they had the most wonderful hanging baskets in the perfect colors

All the plants are Proven Winners: Calibrachoa 'Superbells Blue', Verbena 'Temari Patio Red', Bacopa "Snowstorm Giant Snowflake' and Osteospermum 'Orange Symphony'.
I thought they would be just PERFECT with my quilts so I bought six of them.

Before I bought them, I ask her if there was any discount if I bought six. Hey, it's worth a try...................and she gave me $5 off each. I was thrilled to find the perfect hanging baskets and at a good price.

I just LOVE how everything works together

Here is the opposite side.
I will be staining that table in the background white as soon as I get some solid stain.

This little tree frog has been sitting on this chair for the past 5 hours! I am afraid I will plop down and squish him to death.

And here is the bigger side of the deck, still waiting to get decorated

I must say, I was totally exhausted about two o'clock this afternoon. This gardening stuff is hard, hard work.

I've been working continuously for three days and it seems I have barely begun. Everyplace I look, I see more work waiting for me. I never finished edging the main beds out by the roadside so that is my goal for tomorrow.

I ran out of plants for the deck, so I have to go shopping for more so I can finish the containers.

Most of my containers have tubers, bulbs or seeds in them, so they look bare. It will be weeks before they throw up enough foliage to be useful in deck-orating. That is why I now buy my hanging baskets pre made. The baskets give me some structure and color while I wait for everything else to fill in.


  1. Wow-the deck is really shaping up and lovely! The quilts are so colorful, even your little tree frog pal was impressed! And the hanging baskets are superb.
    Sean and I worked at my mom's from 2:50-5:30 today. Mom's neighbor came over with her clippers and our work tripled! It paid off though and it looks nice as you drive up.

  2. Such cheery quilts! Also, what is another name for verbena?

  3. Wow Zoey, your deck looks amazing. How nicely everything goes together - your decorating flair is coming to the fore again.

    Well done and the garden is looking so pretty and colourful.

  4. Ten out of ten for finding matching hanging baskets for your patchwork. I think you should put your order in for new hanging baskets as soon as you've decided on a colour scheme for next year. I'm sure the nursery would happily oblige a captive client.

    They do look fantastic.

  5. All those colors look so summery and pretty together. Great job Zoey! How lucky to find baskets that match so well...looks like they were made to order. I'll be interested to see how the millionbells (Superbells Blue) holds up. I had a beautiful basket of it once, but I think I overwatered it. Killed it stone dead anyway. I was very sad about that. I don't know any other name for verbena.

  6. I want to come and relax on your deck! Great job.

  7. your quilts look so bright and cheery on the deck. what a happy place!


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