Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Cushion Spurge is Gone

Even though I liked the yellow color,
I decided to remove it before it got too out of control. It was already getting into the grass, especially further down the border near the deck.

I am sure it will continue to come up in places for quite some time because it is impossible to get every little piece out. I will just dig it out as it comes back.

I still have it in a good-sized area in the main arbor garden. I may remove that later today. I was getting eaten alive by bugs, so came in for a coffee break.

I also started removing a bunch of obedient plant (see this post from last fall). It's another of those "almost impossible" to dig out plants, so I put the shovel away and hit it with Round Up in hopes of killing all the roots.

I was not enjoying it and I am sure I can put that space to better use.

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