Friday, May 12, 2006

Had to perform a little surgery this morning before work

I left this Osteospermum outside in the rain storms yesterday and the poor thing was jostled so hard it's roots were sitting on top of the soil.

I don't want to lose this one because it has those spooned petals that are so difficult to find in my area.

Aren't they the coolest? They are not all the way opened in this pic, but trust me, they are very cool.

I brought him to the kitchen sink and tried to recover the roots. It was kinda of tough to dig around that little container as it's pretty full of the root ball. I must get this guy planted soon...this is why one should not buy plants too early ...but I do it every year.


  1. Another neat plant! I know what you mean about plants being pot bound. Seemed like I had to water the ones I have (before the rain last night) every day.

  2. Yeah, i love those! I haven't seen them here at *all*...


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