Thursday, May 4, 2006

No April Showers, but still a few May Flowers

This little spot (in the foundation planting) has some anemone (windflowers) and muscari (grape hyacinths) with forget-me-nots almost ready to open.

The anemone are very small and I really don't get the chance to enjoy them. I need to move them closer to my living room window so that when I stand inside and look out I can see them.

I must remember to do that this weekend.

Grape hyacinths are a favorite of mine. They look great with tulips.

This is a famous dense planting of these at Keukenhof Gradens in Holland. Imagine how many little bulbs must be planted to get this river illusion!

Last night I took a little walk-around and was excited to see this

It's my ligularia.

Remember I planted two of them last year?

They were a little pricey so I am glad to see they made it through the winter.

We are badly in need of rain. If we don't get it this weekend, I will have to start dragging the hose out. It's way too early to start with that chore!


  1. I did not think about combining flowers like you did but I think the idea is great.
    I am crazy about hyacinths.
    I have about 40 pots with them in my house and hundreds of bulbs outside spread over my small garden. But how did you manage to select so many plants of one colour? Mines are of different colours and even of different shadows of one color and with different fragrance. I enjoy every spring the variety of many-colored spots.
    I really like the way you place and stressed the wonder of these nature creatures. I will try the same in my garden too.
    Good job!

  2. Isn't that river of flowers in Holland amazing! Loved your touches of color too! Is your weather really hot now?
    We are still drying out from all the rain. Perfect for pulling the gazillions of weeds!

  3. Pretty blues!
    I know what you mean, we all need to do a rain dance. I was watering things yesterday.

  4. Very pretty! You're garden is about a month behind ours in Oregon. I had to start watering my perennial beds yesterday. We have lots of rain in the winter, but our summers are very dry. Can't wait to see what your deck planters contain this year.

  5. Water. I've already dragged the hose out a few weeks ago and gave everything a deep soaking. Which of course brought the rain.

    I am really hoping that we get a better rain season this year. Last year was terrible!

  6. I dragged the hose out yesterday for a little bit. It was 70 degrees and I had planted some stuff. Of course it is raining today. Never fails!


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