Sunday, May 28, 2006

Almost Done Hauling Furniture

We put the large white table way down at the end of the garden.
See it waaaaaaaay done there?

I only put out two chairs this year because it is a pain to keep these clean. All of the pine tree debris fall upon the table and chairs. I am always hauling out a bucket of soap and water to clean everything off, so two less chairs will help.

Because it is very shady, this is a nice area to take the Sunday newspaper and a cup of coffee on a hot summer day. It is also a nice place to sit and view the main borders when they are in full bloom.

Have you noticed that I like a lot of seating areas around my garden?
You can never have too many places to sit a moment just to enjoy all of your hard work.

We have just one more big table to bring out from the basement. It's the glass table that goes on the deck. We will probably do that tomorrow.

This primrose picture makes it in tonight just because it's very pretty and all these blooms will only last about another week.


  1. Pretty! The primroses really standout!!
    I also have lots of seating around my yard also. I have a bench, a glider, 2 adirondack chairs,a table with 4 chairs, a lounge chair (I really need a new one) and a wrought iron table, 4 chairs and an umbrella.

  2. Dianne could play musical chairs in her garden without any trouble at all.

  3. gorgeous I hope to achieve this look....someday


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