Friday, May 26, 2006

Weeding Tool?

Alice left this comment

Zoey - have you tried using a digging fork instead of a shovel? I think you may get the same result without actually disturbing the soil or the roots so much. I don't mean a little hand fork; a four-pronged fork with a handle about waist height.

Hmmm, Alice, no, I have not. I am not quite sure just what the digging fork is, but I am going to see what I can find on the net.

The only other tool I ever use is this little fork thing. I just call it my "dandelion puller". It works great to get under individual weeds deep enough to get the root.

Oh my gosh, as I am typing this, I think I figured out what you mean, Alice. Is it like a pitchfork? Because I think I have one in the shed that I never use.


  1. Zoey - similar to a pitchfork but with four strong prongs and a shorter handle. Have a look at Susan Harris' - Takoma Gardener of April 17 under the heading "Taking the Terror out of going Digital". She has a photo of the garden fork because I had mentioned it to her. Most of my gardening is done with just such a fork. They are light enough for continued use, but strong enough for me to lean on when I'm

  2. Zoey that is a picture of my favorite garden tool. I feel the same way about it as I do my crockpot which is "Remove at your own risk!"

  3. LOL crazygramma!
    It is my favorite, too.


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