Monday, May 29, 2006

Live Eagle Cam

I was visiting Kerry's blog this morning. She posted a link to this incredible live video cam of an Eagle's nest. It has audio so can hear them chirping (or whatever it is eagles do).

I lucked out the mother eagle was there on my first try.

Go here to visit the nest and stop by Kerry's blog to thank her for alerting us to this incredible cam.

The picture was taken from here, where you can find some background information and other interesting stuff.


  1. Thanks for this link! I saw the mother eagle too..

  2. I've been watching this cam for over a month now and it's so very fascinating...there were originally a pair of eagles who had two eggs and after watching nest for weeks, it ended up the eggs were empty, the eagles were infertile and too old:-( They then put the cam on a nest that had two baby eaglets hatch and every day I check up on them...they sure have grown in the last couple of weeks!!

  3. Fascinating! I got to see either the ma or pa too! I put it in Sean's FP as he likes nature cams.


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